The Morning Report - Day 16

C Larry Moore will miss two to three weeks because of a sprained left posterior cruciate ligament, suffered in practice yesterday. It's not a major injury and better news than the Redskins expected.

But OL coach Kim Helton was concerned about the impact this would have on a line still getting to know each other.

Wilbert Brown and Lennie Friedman will rotate with the first unit. Looks like Brown will start Saturday against New England.

. . . No fights this morning--not even a hint of one--but the intensity remained fairly high during practice. They looked a little sharper, too. QB Patrick Ramsey connected with WR Cliff Russell on a fly pattern down the right side, beating CB Larry Austin. Ramsey also hooked up with Rod Gardner, splitting a zone down the left seam.

. . . CB Ade Jimoh was taken to a local hospital, most likely from a heat-related illness. Jimoh sat in a tub of ice water after practice looking very glassy-eyed. Jimoh has played pretty well in training camp.

. . . OL Coach Kim Helton barked at Brad Badell this morning, ordering him to ''get back to right tackle! That's all you can do!''

. . . DT James Cannida worked some in the 11-on-11 drill. He doesn't look overweight, but he certainly looked gassed after just a few plays.

. . . RB Sultan McCollough earned OC/RB Coach Hue Jackson's wrath when he walked back toward the line of scrimmage after a run. ''Don't let me catch you walking again!'' Jackson yelled. But Jackson loves McCollough and thinks he's the one who can tap into his talent. McCollough is a classic case of someone who just needs to be coached--not coddled, but worked with.

. . . Bryan Barker is still outpunting Brent Bartholomew in practice.

. . . RB Chad Morton had a little fun while fielding punts this morning, grabbing one punt one-handed.

. . . S Andre Lott intercepted a Rob Johnson pass intended for WR Taylor Jacobs. DB Coach George Catavalos shouted at a jogging Lott, ''Hey, molasses, keep running!''

. . . DE Peppi Zellner worked at NG in a 3-4 pass rush set. Looked quick doing it, too. DE Renaldo Wynn also has worked there in that situation. The Redskins used the same alignment in some pass situations a year ago and have worked on that all summer. It's not a response to what happened Saturday.

. . . TE Zeron Flemister had a much better morning. He didn't drop a pass and that's a start.

. . . Sign along the rope by the field: ''Will trade brownies for autographs.'' Wonder if that offer's good for writers? I didn't think so.

. . . After practice one group of fans got autographs from LT Chris Samuels. One woman, while getting his signature on her shirt, said, ''I can't believe I'm this close to you!''

. . . Morton sat in the ice tub with a stack of ice on his head this morning. Yes, it was very hot and humid.

. . . And then there's S Matt Bowen: he sat in the tub with a winter cap on his head.

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