Forget Kevin Durant: Best ballers among Redskins players

Maybe Kevin Durant doesn't want to play ball in Washington, but if you had to assemble a basketball team from Redskins players, who ya got?

NBA Free Agency starts Friday which is always an exciting time of year for fans. Not only is it exciting for fans, it's exciting for players too. Not just in basketball but in all of sports. Just like you and I, many football players tweet their thoughts on their favorite basketball teams during games, free agency and the draft. Free agency will be no different. During the NFL off-season, many players partake in activities that include basketball. This is no surprise considering many players grew up being two-sport athletes. Junior Galette was just posting dunk videos to show his recovery from achilles. This got me thinking, if you had to select a starting five basketball team from the Redskins, who would you choose? I took a few stabs at it and this is what I came up with:

Team One of One

PG - DeSean Jackson - With his speed, he'll be able to drive like no one else and create shots for him and his teammates.

SG - Josh Norman - For nothing else, he will play lock down defense and get in opponents heads

SF - Derek Carrier - Movement skills on par for the position. Good ball skills.

PF - Nate Sudfeld - Good size with ability to pass the ball.

C - Kevin Bowen - Bowen is the tallest player on the team at 6'9". He should be able to eat under the rim.

Team NuLa

PG - Jamison Crowder - His shiftiness is an asset at the point.

SG - Bashaud Breeland - His confidence makes him excel at everything. He is a playmaker.

SF - Junior Galette - Undersized but an explosive athlete who dunked in a video once. New rules favor his style.

PF - Trent Murphy - His added bulk should help him crash the glass.

C - Ty Nsekhe - Nsekhe surprised people last year by making the roster. He'll earn respect here too.

Team HBK

PG - Jordan Reed - I have yet to see anyone who is able to mirror Reed's footwork.

SG - Josh Doctson - Vertical leap helps as an extra rebounder and creating shot opportunities

SF - Ryan Kerrigan - Team guy with great motor for both sides of the floor.

PF - Lynden Trail - Athletic guy with great size. 

C - Morgan Moses - Just like in 2015, Moses should be able to elevate his game. He has the athleticism to compete.

Team You Like That

PG - Kirk Cousins - He compared himself to John Stockton. He wants to feed everyone.

SG - Quinton Dunbar - Decent size for position. He's known to pick up things quickly when asked to do something different.

SF - Vernon Davis - Athletic freak who is versatile

PF - Preston Smith - Powerful presence with long wingspan.

C - Marcel Jensen - Jensen is undersized for the position but his ability to move could create match-up problems.

This was a fun exercise. I tried to spread the talent around to make even teams. Which team ended up with most talent? Which team would work best together? Is there anyone you would have included that I omitted? Tweet me @P_ConnerJr or @breakburgundy to keep the fun discussion going during a slow time in the off-season.


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