The list: Lightest Redskins

There are many ways to list players like by last name and uniform number. We wanted to look for other ways, like weight.

Anybody who's ever followed the NFL Draft or free agency knows the importance placed on intangibles, including height and bulk. Therefore, we decided to take a look at the biggest, shortest, heaviest and lightest on the Redskins' roster. Next up, the really small guys.

Unlike in the trenches, you will find little physical contact on the football field away from the snap. As a result, skill positions do not necessarily need weight to withstand body blows like their lineman, but instead rely on their speed and quickness. Lets take a look at the lightest members of the Washington Redskins.

1. 175 pounds: WR DeSean Jackson

2. 180 pounds: WR Rashad Ross, CB Greg Toler

4. 182 pounds: WR Jamison Crowder

5. 190 pounds: CB Dashaun Phillips

6. 192 pounds: CB Mariel Cooper

7. 194 pounds: WR Jarvis Turner

8. 195 pounds: CB Lloyd Carrington, CB Jeremy Harris, S Geno Matias-Smith, RB Chris Thompson

Besides Thompson, who in some respects is just as much a receiver as a runner, it is no surprise that the lightest Redskins are those that live on the outside, wide receivers and those that defend them, defensive backs. These players rely on their speed, route running crispness, and reactionary skills much more than strength would ever aid them. Out of the current 89 man roster, the average Redskin weighs in at 250 pounds.

Many of these players can rely on their speed and/or quickness with their smaller masses. As a result, they were able to make it to the NFL and many will continue to take advantage of the same for years to come. One of such players include Carrington who was a rookie minicamp standout that caught the eye of Breaking Burgundy with an assist from GM Scot McCloughan. Carrington may just be a deep sleeper to make the Redskins Week 1 roster if he continues to catch the eye of the franchise's top personal shot caller.

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