One on one: Redskins strongest unit entering training camp

Give an edge to the pass rushers or a hand to the receivers. Maybe cover the corners in praise? Ben Standig and Chris Russell tackle the Redskins strongest units.

The Washington Redskins will open training camp in Richmond on July 27. Before that nearly three-week event kicks off, Breaking Burgundy will get in their reps for all things Burgundy and Gold. First up, Ben Standig and Chris Russell on which units are the best of the best on the Burgundy and Gold.

Ben Standig: Outside linebackers

With all due respect to the wide receivers and cornerbacks, they're playing for second place at this moment. Yes, the Redskins will often line up Junior GalettePreston Smith and Ryan Kerrigan at defensive end in nickel packages, which likely becomes the prominent plan. Yes, we still haven't seen Galette on the field since his season-ending Achilles injury nearly one year ago. Heck, we've never actually seen him play for the Redskins at all. We are aware that sophomore's have slumps and Smith, who racked up five of his eight sacks over the last three regular season games. The depth behind this trio, mainly Houston Bates, is more about special teams. 

So freaking what. The Redskins haven't such a potentially potent group of edge rushers, the kind that force opposing offenses to send double teams and have quarterbacks scanning the field for their whereabouts, in years. Will Galette or Smith or Kerrigan lead Washington in sacks? Who knows because any of them could. If defensive coordinator Joe Barry can plot and scheme way to get these pass rushing forces to work in sync, look out offenses and watch the Redskins' defensive rankings rise.

Chris Russell: quarterbacks

It's hard to not say the wide receiver group because of the potential if DeSean Jackson and Josh Doctson can stay healthy. But that's a pretty big if in my mind. With that in mind, if I had to select another position area, it would be quarterback. Yes, quarterback. Maybe some felt this way in 2012 with Robert Griffin III, Rex Grossman and Kirk Cousins but that's two rookies in the fold. 
Now, Kirk Cousins is the man clearly on top. Colt McCoy is a fringe starter for probably 15 NFL teams. Think the Jets wouldn't like him right now? McCoy might lack arm strength and get sacked way too frequently, but the Redskins can do a lot worse. Nate Sudfeld provides a tall, fairly big-arm developmental guy who looked fairly decent in off-season workouts. 
Clear starter coming off a breakout season followed by a proven backup ready for the moment and a developmental project learning the ropes. Sounds like as strong unit to me.

Ben Standig is the Publisher of Breaking Burgundy and the Huddle Report's 2012 NFL Mock Draft champion. You can find him on Twitter @benstandig and on Google+.

Chris Russell is a senior writer for Breaking Burgundy, longtime reporter on the Redskins beat and radio host for 1067 The Fan. Follow Chris on Twitter @russellmania621.

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