Cooley: Scot McCloughan punched wall over initial Josh Doctson injury diagnosis

You'll never question how passionate Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan is when it comes to his job after reading about his reaction.

Scot McCloughan felt the pain of Josh Doctson's injury in more ways than one. 

The general manager for the Washington Redskins sported a bandaged and swollen hand when he arrived in Richmond for the start of training camp. The reason? He punched a wall when he heard the initial diagnosis of Doctson's Achilles injury.


Here's the story. McCloughan was interviewed by ESPN 980 radio hosts Chris Cooley and Kevin Sheehan Thursday for a segment that aired Friday, The bandaged hand showed as well. 

"He was sitting next to me, his hand was swollen and it was bandaged up and taped together," Cooley said.

The former Redskins tight end, not wanting to create an awkward situation during the interview, waited to ask about the apparent injury when McCloughan exited.

According to Cooley, McCloughan said he received a call from one of the Redskins team doctors informing him that Doctson could be out for the next three months. The time frame of this conversation with the team doctor was apparently recent, though Doctson missed most of Washington's offseason workouts in May and June.

Some poor wall then received a blow and the general manager's hand felt some pain. 

“I said what happened to your hand,” Cooley recalled asking McCloughan. “And he said, when I found out about Doctson, [which they thought was going to be much worse], I punched the wall.” 

Cooley’s response? “I love you, I freaking love you man. Everything he does, I love. He cares so much about his guys, his players. It upset him.”

Sheehan confirmed the punching story from McCloughan and the three-month injury diagnosis. 

Though he was placed on the Physically Unable to Perform list at the start of training camp, the former TCU star is close to returning, coach Jay Gruden announced Thursday.

That's great news for the Redskins, Doctson and McCloughan's other hand. 

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