Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins taking on a new role: Tourist

The quarterback and his family will take advantage of the break from practicing for some exploring in the Commonwealth.

If you're somewhere in Virginia Saturday, whether Colonial Williamsburg or Monticello or riding the Rebel Yell at Kings Dominion, and you think you spot Kirk Cousins, you might be right.

The Washington Redskins are taking Saturday off following five straight days of practices. Asked if he had any plans for the break before returning Sunday, Cousins said he'll do what he's done each year the team held training camp in Richmond: Check out the Commonwealth.

"I really do enjoy the different towns in Virginia, whether it be Richmond or Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, Charlottesville," the quarterback told reporters following Friday's practice. "We’ve pretty much visited them all now in my four years of training camp here, but we’re going to pick one of them and probably make a day trip."

His wife, Julie, and their dog are making the trip down from the D.C. area.

"I went to Kings Dominion once, may have to go to Busch Gardens, so we’ll see," Cousins said. "There’s all kinds of stuff. We’ll have to get on the Internet tonight and see what’s out there."

As for his Friday night, it's a TV evening.

"I will be watching the Olympics," Cousins said. "The opening ceremonies are tonight and I'm excited about them."

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