For Redskins QB Kirk Cousins, continuity is king when measuring camp growth

The Redskins quarterback discussed his game and that of the team's before breaking for a day off.

"How do you know" is a question young children ask their parents or other adults when presented with a situation that for them is undeterminable. Depending on the subject, the response can be tricky especially with the concept of honesty in mind. 

As the Washington Redskins wrapped up their eighth day of training camp practices in Richmond, quarterback Kirk Cousins was asked by a reporter how much better does he feel right now.

"I'm better," Cousins said. "I don't know how to measure it. You give me a measuring system and maybe I can tell you, but I'm better."

Participating in his first NFL training camp as the starting quarterback, Cousins knows a few practices won't tell the story for him or the team. He just knows their better.

Washington kicks off its four-game preseason slate Thursday at Atlanta.

"I do think that games are a better indicator of where you as an offense and as a team," said the fifth-year player. "Practices are a little challenging to discern where you are. But, I do think that mistakes that are being made are not as critical or serious as maybe they have been in years past. I think they are more minor. They're more easily correctable. I think that's a positive.

"I do think we're further ahead as an offense than we've been at this time in past seasons. There will be other challenges that present themselves too."

The how-do-you-know type question about the offense being ahead compared to years past quickly followed. 

"Because every aspect of our offense, whether it be protections or route combinations, hand signals code words or blitz pickups, chemistry between players, understanding the system, experience in the system. We've done it for another year. There's not a lot of attrition," he explained.

Though the Redskins let running back Alfred Morris leave in free agency and added veteran tight end Vernon Davis in free agency, the overwhelming amount of core offensive players are returnees. That includes the offensive line.

"If you look at the five guys up front. They all played significantly last year. Their backups played significantly. You have receivers that played significantly. Their backups played a lot. Tight end the same way. Running back very similarly. You're not plugging in a lot of brand new guys who haven't played football. As a result, when you've been there done that, I think it helps you play at a higher level."

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