NFL oddsmaker slots Redskins among passing, rushing and receiving leaders

Out of Kirk Cousins, DeSean Jackson, and Matt Jones, who has the best chance of leading the NFL in yards at their respective positions?

Bovada released their annual odds on who will lead the 2016-2017 NFL in passing, receiving, and rushing yards. The top picks are not surprising. Neither is where the Redskins land.

On the list of passing yardage leaders, Kirk Cousins is tied for tenth at 25/1 with Oakland's Derek Carr. All trail Drew Brees (5/1 odds).

Cousins, who set the Redskins franchise record with 4,166 yards last season, is behind NFC East rival Eli Manning (9/1). Dallas's Tony Romo tied for 12th at 33/1, while Philadelphia's Sam Bradford is in the division basement at 75/1, tied for 23rd.

For what it's worth, 2012 rookie of the year Robert Griffin III is tied for last, 29th, with LA's Jared Goff.

In the receiving department, Bovada has Antonio Brown (2/1), Julio Jones, (3/1), and Odell Beckham Jr. (15/2) leading the pack. Washington's speedster DeSean Jackson is the Burgundy and Gold's only representative at 66/1, which is good for 20th with alongside Doug Baldwin, Kelvin Benjamin, Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, and Jarvis Landry.

The Cowboys find Dez Bryant tied for tenth at 33/1, while the Eagles round out the group tied for 26th, last in the rankings, with Jordan Matthews.

In the rushing game, Adrian Peterson (3/1) and Todd Gurley (5/1) lead the way as expected. A respectable showing for Florida product Matt Jones who comes in at 33/1, tied for 14 with Le'Veon Bell, Devonta Freeman, DeMarco Murray, and Jonathan Stewart.

The Cowboys rookie bulldozer Ezekiel Elliott ties for fourth at 12/1 odds, while the Eagles again tie for last, 22nd, in the rankings with Ryan Matthews at 50/1. New York failed to place in Bovada's odds despite a possible workhorse season for Rashad Jennings.

Bovada's odds demonstrate the Redskins lack of elite star power but a reliance on shared contributions on offense. Washington does not have the talents of Odell Beckham or Ezekiel Elliott but may find that there sum of the parts are still superior even if those parts are not the best individually.

Here are the full lists

Who will lead the 2016-2017 NFL season in Passing Yards?

Drew Brees                                           5/1

Ben Roethlisberger                                6/1

Phillip Rivers                                         15/2

Eli Manning                                           9/1

Matt Ryan                                             9/1

Aaron Rodgers                                      10/1

Andrew Luck                                         12/1

Carson Palmer                                      12/1

Matthew Stafford                                  16/1

Derek Carr                                            25/1

Kirk Cousins                                         25/1

Blake Bortles                                        33/1

Andy Dalton                                          33/1

Joe Flacco                                            33/1

Tony Romo                                           33/1

Jay Cutler                                             40/1

Ryan Tannehill                                       40/1

Brock Osweiler                                      40/1

Tom Brady                                            50/1

Cam Newton                                         50/1

Russell Wilson                                      50/1

Jameis Winston                                     50/1

Sam Bradford                                       75/1

Teddy Bridgewater                                75/1

Ryan Fitzpatrick                                    75/1

Marcus Mariota                                     75/1

Alex Smith                                            75/1

Tyrod Taylor                                          75/1

Jared Goff                                            100/1

Robert Griffin III                                     100/1

Who will lead the 2016-2017 NFL in Receiving Yards?

Antonio Brown                                      2/1

Julio Jones                                           3/1

Odell Beckham                                      15/2

DeAndre Hopkins                                  10/1

A.J. Green                                            18/1

Jordy Nelson                                        18/1

Allen Robinson                                      20/1

Alshon Jeffery                                      22/1

Amari Cooper                                        25/1

Keenan Allen                                         33/1

Dez Bryant                                            33/1

Mike Evans                                           33/1

T.Y. Hilton                                             33/1

Brandon Marshall                                  33/1

Demaryius Thomas                                33/1

Sammy Watkins                                    40/1

Bradin Cooks                                        50/1

Jeremy Maclin                                       50/1

Golden Tate                                          50/1

Doug Baldwin                                       66/1

Kelvin Benjamin                                     66/1

Julian Edelman                                      66/1

Rob Gronkowski                                   66/1

DeSean Jackson                                   66/1

Jarvis Landry                                        66/1

John Brown                                           100/1

Eric Decker                                           100/1

Larry Fitzgerald                                     100/1

Michael Floyd                                       100/1

Allen Hurns                                           100/1

Jordan Matthews                                   100/1

Donte Moncrief                                     100/1

Emmanuel Sanders                               100/1

Torrey Smith                                         100/1

Laquan Treadwell                                   100/1

Markus Wheaton                                   100/1

Kevin White                                           100/1


Who will lead the 2016-2017 NFL season in Rushing Yards?

Adrian Peterson                                    3/1

Todd Gurley                                          5/1

Doug Martin                                          10/1

Ezekiel Elliott                                        12/1

Lamar Miller                                          12/1

Thomas Rawls                                       14/1

Jamaal Charles                                      16/1

David Johnson                                      16/1

LeSean McCoy                                      16/1

Carlos Hyde                                          20/1

C.J. Anderson                                       28/1

Mark Ingram                                          28/1

Eddie Lacy                                           28/1

Le’Veon Bell                                          33/1

Devonta Freeman                                  33/1

Matt Jones                                            33/1

DeMarco Murray                                    33/1

Jonathan Stewart                                   33/1

Matt Forte                                             40/1

Jeremy Hill                                            40/1

Latavius Murray                                     40/1

Jay Ajayi                                               50/1

Justin Forsett                                        50/1

Melvin Gordon                                      50/1

Frank Gore                                            50/1

Ryan Mathews                                       50/1

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