NFC East: Best quarterback in division

Our weekly discussion with's NFC East sites focuses on best quarterback in the division.

The NFC East teams plain don't like other, but the sites that cover the Dallas CowboysNew York GiantsPhiladelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins get along just fine. Well, at least enough to put together weekly thoughts on the divisional hot topics. With the regular season just weeks away, we wanted to get a sense of which quarterback is the best in the division. Eventually all teams in the division will get involved, but for now, let's go with that classic rivalry ....

Dallas Cowboys

You have a quarterback with two Super Bowl titles in the New York Giants’ Eli Manning and a quarterback with the best passing numbers in franchise history, but a lack of playoff success, in Dallas’ Tony Romo. From my perspective, those are your only two choices. So how do you choose? Well, since we’re writing this from the Cowboys’ perspective, we’ll take up Romo’s case. His career numbers make him the franchise leader in passing yards (34,154), touchdown passes (247) and completion percentage (65.3 percent). In fact, his career completion percentage is higher than Manning’s (59.3 percent). Plus, he outpaces Manning in categories such as touchdown percentage (5.7 for Romo to 4.7 for Manning), interception percentage (2.7 for Romo and 3.2 for Manning) and quarterback rating (97.1 for Romo to 83.5 for Manning). Romo’s quarterback rating, in fact, ranks third-best in league history. Romo’s overall winning percentage is also much higher than Manning’s (61.4 for Romo to 53.0 for Manning). Statistically, Romo is a more efficient passer than Manning. Plus, we’ll take Romo’s ability to create something from nothing any day. Sure, Manning has the Super Bowls and has frankly played on some more successful teams. But in terms of week-to-week production, all things considered, Romo operates on a higher level and, in my opinion, is the best quarterback in the NFC East.

-- Matthew Postins

Washington Redskins

The best quarterback in the NFC East is a subjective title. You could be asking who would you want to build your franchise around right now or who would you want leading your team if the Super Bowl was tomorrow. If you prioritize the future when picking the best quarterback in the division, Kirk Cousins and Carson Wentz have a leg up as its youngest notable signal callers. However, I tend to think of the best quarterback as the player I want leading my team into Super Bowl 51, when everything is on the line. In that situation, either Eli Manning or Tony Romo are more reasonable options because of their experience and track record. Despite his two Super Bowl rings, where I would say luck had more of an impact on the Giants' upsets of the Patriots than anything else, Manning is usually not the player who can single-handedly win a game. On the other hand, Romo, assuming he is healthy, has the spark to will his team to victory. His career quarterback rating of 97.1 is higher than what Manning has recorded in any of his 12 NFL seasons. Manning might have the look of a clutch player, the stats state Romo is the best quarterback in the NFC East as he outpaces the Giants' hurler in record, completion percentage, and touchdown-to-interception ratio by wide margins.

-- Neil Dalal

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