What he said, what we heard: Redskins QB Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins answered questions Monday, including whether he's good for the real games despite scant preseason work and the impact of no Matt Jones for now.

ASHBURN -- One of the clearest signs that the Washington Redskins are now in regular season mode involves returning to their weekly press conference schedule. Head coach Jay Gruden essentially talks on four days in between games, including three in a row. That's normally Wednesday-Friday with Sunday games (or Mon-Wed this week with a Friday kickoff). After he's finished on each of those days, another person takes to the podium.

On the Wednesdays -- or Monday in this case -- it's a Kirk Cousins day. The quarterback touched on several topics. Here's what he said and what we heard, basically:

His preparedness going into the third preseason game despite having worked only one series in two preseason games thus far.

What he said: “I feel like I’ve thrown a lot more than five passes because of how many reps I’m getting every day in practice. And as a starting quarterback, I’m getting a lot of reps, so much more than I would’ve as a backup quarterback. So I feel very ready, and then more importantly is the fact that we have this entire week to get ready like a normal rhythm to a game week. So those two things I think gets you about as prepared as you can.”

What we heard: Yeah, you might be right that one series isn't ideal, but, shrugs. I'm the starter running the show after waiting three years for this shot so, all good. I'll get lots of work against the Bills and then it's game on. Also: clear minds, full hearts, can't lose.


On RB Matt Jones missing the rest of the preseason:

What he said: “Yeah, it’s tough. Having injuries is a part of the game, so like everybody else who gets injured, we have to be able to step up and have a replacement and have guys who can play where we don’t miss a beat. That’ll be the challenge to the rest of the group and the rest of our offense. But Matt’s really been coming along. I think he’s really grown as a player from where he was at this point last year. It’s most important that he can get healthy because we are building for the regular season and we want him to be there for as many regular season games as possible. Whatever it takes to do that will be the key.”

What we heard: Ugh. I'm about to play extensive snaps for the first time this preseason and my running backs might have as much real NFL experience as my wife. The good news is Matt should be back soon. Also, hey, whether it's Robert Kelley or Keith Marshall or Mack Brown, one of those guys is making the team, so better they get needed reps now than during the regular season when the defensive blitzes are really flying. Until then, remember to block for me, fellas.

Cousins also answered a question about whether he's more apt to try different throws in practice now as the starter that he might have otherwise skipped when he was trying to reach this point, feeling the pressure to be perfect or else. For that response, check out the above video.

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