Bailey's Agent: Report Inaccurate

Count on this: Redskins corner Champ Bailey won't be re-signing any time soon, not unless Washington's offer increases significantly. And, his agent says, don't believe the numbers that have been made public.

''The information reported was grossly inaccurate,'' Bailey's agent Jack Reale said this afternoon.

The Washington Post reported that the Redskins had made Bailey an offer with a $14.75 million signing bonus. Which would be great except for this: the actual signing bonus is around $7 million and, another source said, the deal is backloaded.

Bailey has until Friday to mull over the first offer, but that will be rejected. Bailey is not commenting on the negotiations, but he did say today that he won't stop negotiations once the season starts. He wants to be one of the NFL's highest paid defensive players and average $7.5 million per season. That wouldn't come close to happening with the first offer.

Reale also said he's disappointed the figures were made public.

''Keeping it private would represent the least amount of distraction to the team, the player and the fans,'' Reale said. ''It seems that others felt the need to thrust this into the limelight.''

The Redskins have maintained all along that they plan to re-sign Bailey. But they also opened negotiations with tackle Jon Jansen and running back Stephen Davis in the same fashion, by making figures public that weren't fully accurate. They eventually got deals with both players, but they'd be wise to change their strategy with Bailey. We know this: the Redskins are gambling heavily if they don't.

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