Redskins Park Update

Quarterback Patrick Ramsey did not practice again today and was limited to throwing a racquetball to receiver Rod Gardner. The Redskins wanted him to at least do a throwing motion. But he still can't grip the ball.

Ramsey still hopes to play Saturday against Baltimore.

''It feels fine,'' Ramsey said. ''The only issue I have is with my index finger and that's the primary finger you use when throwing the football. It's getting better. It's not so much the grip as it is the release.''

. . . Redskins line coach Kim Helton to rookie Derrick Dockery during a blocking drill: ''The future is now, Dock! You and Ray Lewis! You've been waiting your whole damn life for Ray Lewis!''

. . .Ugly sight of the week: the Redskins botched four center exchanges in one five-play stretch this afternoon. Part of the problem: Dave Fiore, the starter at left guard, was working at center for some of them.

. . . The Redskins worked on kickoff coverage this afternoon, having the players sprint downfield at full speed rather than three-quarters speed which had been typical. It's a start. One thing: John Hall kicks off a lot better than David Leaverton. One of Leaverton's kickoffs bounced at the 30-yard line. Though he also seemed preoccupied with his steps; he takes a longer run to the ball than Hall, which throws off the timing of the other 10 players.

. . . Receiver Patrick Johnson had a good day in practice, catching everything thrown his way. He beat corner Alex Molden on a deep post down the middle, hauling in a Rob Johnson pass. Despite Patrick Johnson's poor night Saturday, I still have a hard time seeing him get cut. They like him a lot on special teams. That and his speed make him attractive.

. . . Safety Todd Franz had an interception today, picking off Gibran Hamdan.

. . . Receiver Darnerien McCants practiced in full pads today, his first time in two weeks. McCants is in a fight for a roster spot. And he knows it.

. . . DT Greg Scott sat out practice today.

. . . We said yesterday that Tre Johnson looked bad even running sprints. Happy to say that he looked better today and wasn't running with as much a limp as he was on Monday.

. . . Center Wilbert Brown (elbow) did not practice. But Lennie Friedman is starting at center Saturday anyway.

. . . End Regan Upshaw is nothing like I expected. For some reason I thought he was a bad attitude guy, maybe because that's how it was portrayed as he left Oakland. But Upshaw has been nothing but upbeat and positive, always smiling and laughing and joking with teammates. He's also one of the hardest workers during practice. If he stays healthy he'll help.

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