What Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott did on and off the field in Seattle

The rookie was seen visiting a legal marijuana dispensary before the Cowboys played the Seahawks. Jerry Jones didn't think that was a dope move.

Dallas Cowboys rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott impressed during his first action of the preseason Thursday night in Seattle, rushing seven times for 48 yards. Courtesy of the NFL Network, you can watch each of those runs above.

Courtesy of TMZ, you can see what very legal thing Elliott did before the game that didn't sit well with owner Jerry Jones.

From Yahoo's Shutdown Corner:

The Dallas Cowboys got a glimpse Thursday night of what rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott can accomplish on the field. But before the game, they were disappointed in his actions off of it.

TMZ reported that Elliott visited a marijuana dispensary, Herban Legends in the Belltown, just a few minutes away from where the Cowboys later that night would play the Seattle Seahawks in a preseason game. Not only did TMZ shoot video of Elliott inside the store but also posted a picture he took with a fan.

Marijuana is legal in Washington state, and there’s nothing wrong with just visiting the shop; many tourists do so when in town. But the drug is not legal in the NFL, and players can be suspended for recreational use — just as the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Le’Veon Bell, who will sit out the first three games of the season after multiple failed or missed tests.

To the Cowboys, it was a bad look.

“It’s just not good,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said. “That’s a part of just really getting the big picture here.”

No judgments here. The intersection of marijuana and open society is becoming larger. Some states and districts have changed or are in the process of changing their rules. Possession on some level is now legal in the District of Columbia. For now, the NFL isn't budging off its "No! No! No!" stance. Players must keep that in mind or suffer a fate similar to Bell's. They should also walk into a legal establishment if they so desire but realize the men paying them high dollars might not think that's such a dope idea.

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