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How Redskins' Nate Sudfeld And The Other 2016 Rookie Quarterbacks Fared On Cutdown Day

Nate Sudfeld was among 15 quarterbacks selected in the 2016 NFL Draft. Here's where they stand entering the regular season.

The Redskins decided they wanted Nate Sudfeld on the 53-man roster. Not all of his fellow rookie quarterbacks selected in the 2016 NFL Draft were as fortunate. Not all their situations were the same. 

Jared Goff, Round 1 (1), Rams - Struggled in preseason. Likely opens as No. 3.

Carson Wentz, Round 1 (2), Eagles - From North Dakota State to Week 1 NFL starter? That's in play following the Sam Bradford trade.

Paxton Lynch, Round 1 (26), Broncos - Backing up the unproven Trevor Siemien means Lynch likely takes the field at some point.

Christian Hackenberg, Round 2 (51)Jets - Yikes those preseason stats. Second rounder now one of four NYJ quarterbacks on the roster. Have fun.

Jacoby Brissett, Round 3 (91), Patriots - No Tom Brady means Brissett opens as New England's backup for the opening four games.

Cody KesslerRound 3 (93)Browns - Cleveland shocked many by selecting the USC product on Day 2. Kessler shocked nobody by struggling early.

Connor CookRound 4 (100), Raiders - Like fellow Michigan Stater Kirk Cousins, Cook slipped to fourth round. Unlike Cousins, he'll open his rookie year as third stringer. @dak

Dak Prescott, Round 4 (135), Cowboys - All eyes on this rookie now that he'll start following Tony Romo's back injury. The hype is high. We'll see if he matches it when the lights turn brightest. 

Cardale JonesRound 4 (139)Bills - Jones was Ohio State's third-team QB in 2014. Things worked out pretty good for him by the end of that season. @kevin

Kevin Hogan, Round 5 (162)Chiefs -- Waived. Kansas City had tons of passers in camp. The McLean native with the funky delivery lost out to Tyler Bray for the third slot.

Nate Sudfeld, Round 6 (187), Redskins -- Will never see the field in 2016 unless things go very, very wrong. We'll he be in the plans by 2018 is the question. 

Jake Rudock, Round 6 (191), Lions -- Waived. Lions only kept two quarterbacks. With Matthew Stafford in his prime, no need to groom if not interested. 

Brandon AllenRound 6 (201), Jaguars -- No chance at supplanting Bortles anytime soon, but Allen had some moments this summer. 

Jeff Driskell, Round 6 (207), 49ers - Waived. Reportedly bombed his audition and lost third spot to veteran Christian Ponder. That's going to sting. 

Brandon Doughty, Round 7 (223), Dolphins -- Doughty went 20-of-28 passes for 185 yards and an 89.1 passer rating in preseason games. 

For those selected in rounds 1-4, their respective teams made true investments, the kind they understand might take to mature. Same for those picked in the final three rounds in terms of the waiting game, except the cost isn't that steep so remaining patient becomes a test if other roster needs emerge. 

The Redskins are seemingly keeping Sudfeld, who was spotty this summer, because: 1) You can never have enough QB depth 2) Cousins is a free agent next year 3) Quarterbacks can return huge returns in trades if developed and 4) Based on points 1 and 3, there must be some fear they would lose Sudfeld on waivers if they tried sneaking him onto the practice squad. That makes Hogan a very interesting test case seeing as he was selected one round earlier.

UPDATE: Hogan and Driskell have new homes

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