Redskins Park Update

The Redskins didn't solve all their problems, but they at least addressed them by trading for Saints defensive tackle Martin Chase, giving up a seventh-round pick (which becomes a sixth-round pick based on playing time).

Chase is considered a run-stopper--which is good considering he only has one career sack in five seasons. But he's a big, beefy guy who should at least provide depth to a line in need of it.

He opened the Saints camp as the starting nose tackle, but quickly was passed by Grady Jackson on the depth chart. He's considered a good, hard-working guy but not someone cut out for starting fulltime.

The Redskins settled on him when trades for Denver's Lional Dalton and Chicago's Ted Washington fell through when the price tag got too steep.

The Redskins aren't done looking for help.

''If someone's better than what we have, then we'll look into it,'' Redskins vice president of football operations Vinny Cerrato said. ''A lot of times people think we're desperate, which we're not, and they want to gouge you with picks. We're not going to be stupid. We feel we can play with the people we have. If someone can upgrade us we're going to make a move.''

Redskins coach Steve Spurrier was understated about this move.

''We've got a lot more problems than defensive tackle,'' Spurrier said. ''That's not what's hampering us. There are a lot of things making us struggle on offense and that's our main concern.''

. . . Quarterback Patrick Ramsey threw the ball today, though he did not participate in team drills. Ramsey is considered day to day.

''Patrick threw some nice spirals,'' Spurrier said. ''I told him, 'That bruise may help you.' He wasn't trying to throw the ball real hard. Sometimes he cuts it loose and it's hard to catch. Those are little things he can learn. He was taking a little off it today and throwing a catchable ball.''

. . . Right guard Randy Thomas is ''very doubtful'' for Saturday's game against Baltimore. Rookie Derrick Dockery will replace him in the starting lineup. Dockery has pleased the coaches with his ability to learn. He's not yet ready to start in a regular-season game, but he doesn't need to be.

. . . Receiver Rod Gardner is also doubtful with a strained groin.

. . . Telling sight: when the first team defense worked against the scout team offense, Redskins coach Steve Spurrier stood in the background chatting with kicker John Hall, showing him how to bounce a football on the ground and catch it behind his back. That's no lie.

. . . Right tackle Jon Jansen worked as the scout team center. Still not sure why.

. . . Corner Fred Smoot got upset when rookie running back Sultan McCullough stiff-armed him on a run. ''What's that!'' Smoot yelled. ''I'll smash your head next time. You see what I'll do to your [butt].''

. . . Rod Jones worked at right guard on the scout team today. He's still not 100 percent, but at least he's back out there. The Redskins liked what they were seeing in him before he got hurt.

. . . Receiver Darnerien McCants looked good running his routes today. Caught a few nice passes on crossing routes.

. . . Safety Ricot Joseph intercepted a Rob Johnson pass, but still managed to upset secondary coach George Catavalos. Why? Because Joseph started his return up the left sideline, then cut to the middle of the field. That's a no-no.

''How many times have we talked about this?!'' Catavalos shouted. ''That's a great play; take it to the sidelines!''

Less chance for getting the ball stripped there.

. . . The Redskins have put a lot more emphasis on game planning this week for the Ravens. Some of that might stem from wanting to look better. But a bigger reason is that the Redskins wanted their new players to experience a typical regular-season week. And this was the last chance to do it, with a game next Thursday against Jacksonville.

. . . Guard Tre Johnson hopes to return for the final preseason game, but that might be a stretch. Johnson hasn't been fully healthy since the Redskins won the NFC East in 1999.

''I've been messed up this whole century,'' he said. Johnson's problem is that it's still hard for him to move laterally, a must for a guard. He couldn't do that last season, either, but compensated with arm strength and help from others.

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