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Morning Manny: The Screen Game Could Be The Washington Redskins' Best Run Game

If the Redskins can't solve their run game issues, there's a non ground-and-pound solution, says Manny Benton.

Manny Benton often tweets random thoughts regarding the Washington Redskins at random times of the day that typically bring interesting dialog. Now from Monday through Thursday at around 9 a.m., you can find those Twitter-sized thoughts in "Morning Manny." Complete with explanations! 
The Washington Redskins will use the screen game as an extension of their run offense:

Regardless of what the Redskins say their philosophy is, they are an offense that wants to pass the football. While I do believe they could eventually have some success on the ground this season, the screen game will be their friend.

Projected starting RB Matt Jones was very good on those RB screens his rookie season. NFL Network analyst and former Scot McCloughan draft pick Michael Robinson even went as far as calling Jones possibly the best at those screens in the entire league. Which is an interesting statement when you consider his close relationship to Washington's general manager. 
The screen game could be Washington's bread and butter this season. They don't have much to hang their hat on in the run game, but throwing those well timed RB screens could help spread a defense and put a guy like Jones in space. 
The Redskins can do this and have great success because of their athletic offensive line. Guys like Trent Williams, Brandon Scherff and Morgan Moses all do a fantastic job getting to the second level. Not to mention, Jones has proven to be great at showing patience and then a burst when running those screens. You can point to his 78-yard TD last season that was off a screen. It was the highlight of his season and is a great example of how good the Redskins' offensive line is downfield. 
The screen game could also have a trickle down effect on the offense. It's a safety blanket for QB Kirk Cousins and it should help them have more success on bootlegs. 
Regardless if Washington's run game becomes competent or not, I think Matt Jones will continue to have success on those screen plays. It will indeed be an extension of their run game. 

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