Kirk Cousins: "We just need to get better in every different way" after Steelers loss

Cousins did not have answers for Washington's struggles but was able to list things that went wrong.

In a disappointing 38-16 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Washington Redskins left FedEx Field with yet another loss on Monday Night Football. Quarterback Kirk Cousins discussed the loss postgame. Here are the highlights:

* "We just need to play better, in every different way," Cousins on what Redskins need to do to beat winning teams. The Redskins quarterback has yet to beat a team that has a .500 or better record.

* "Protect the football, avoid penalties, convert third downs, convert fourth downs, take advantage of red zone opportunities," Cousins said about areas where Washington needed to improve. The team finished with two turnovers, nine penalties, 3 of 12 on third and fourth downs, and settled for three field goals.

* Cousins is trying to be optimistic about the rest of the season as Washington also started 3-5 last season.

"It's certainly disappointing," Cousins said. "We'll have to look at it glass half full, we've got 15 games left. We've got a divisional game next week. We have a chance on a short week to just come right back and hopefully be able to get a win and then we are right back going from there. This isn't unfamiliar territory in terms of having a rally. Just work hard this week and be ready to go for the next one and that's kind of life in the NFL."

* "Needed to throw the ball somewhere else of underneath," Cousins on looking back on his first interception.

* Many will criticize Washington playing dink and dunk too often in the passing game, but it was Pittsburgh game plan the entire time.

"You just have to stay patient and keep taking that stuff," Cousins on Steelers coverage scheme. "They were playing very soft. They did a good job of letting the underneath completions happen, but pretty much taking away anything for big chunks and I think we saw that aside from the one play with DeSean [Jackson], we didn't have many big chunk plays. That was probably one thing they did, play patient and force us to take stuff underneath. You have to take the stuff underneath [when they are doing that]. They did a good job."

* Cousins knew Washington would regret not capitalizing on the Steelers slow start.

"We've always talked about red zone and third down and situational football is so important to be able to win in this league and when you come away with field goals," Cousins said, "we knew that wasn't going to be good enough. We have to find ways to convert in the red zone. And because we didn't do that tonight enough, it would be one of the reasons why we came up short. Yeah, there were opportunities and that's where after a game you're disappointed and feel like there were opportunities that we, I didn't take advantage of."

* "When you look at the actual number of plays where you actually had a run possibility," Cousins said, "they're really aren't that many .. it seemed to me that we just weren't in a situation in the game where we had a lot of run attempts." Washington had just 55 yards on the ground on 12 rushing attempts compared to 43 pass attempts.

* Cousins agreed with his head coach that the lack of playing time during the preseason did not lead to a rusty start to the regular season. "I'm not sure where that is coming from."

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