Redskins Practice Recap: Barry: 'Difficult' Having Norman Track Brown; Slo-mo Receivers

Breaking Burgundy captured Thursday's practice video and slo-mo style plus the coaches talk.

ASHBURN -- The Washington Redskins practiced Thursday ahead of the Week 2 matchup with the Dallas Cowboys. They also spoke after practice. The highlights:

* The injury update from the head coach.

* Breaking Burgundy caught a few moments of the pass catchers going against the pass catchers as evidenced by the video above. 

* Before we get to other comments from Jay Gruden, here's what defensive coordinator Joe Barry said on the pros and cons of having a cornerback follow a wide receiver around formations. In other words, why he didn't have Josh Norman track Antonio Brown in Monday's loss.

“Well, let’s talk about the benefits. It’s easy for the guy that’s doing it. It’s hard for the other 10 guys to get lined up. I shouldn’t say 10 guys; it’s hard for the other three or four DBs to get lined up. If you are coming to cover me, that’s easy but him, him and him, I could go anywhere. I could line up at X, I could line up at Z, I could line up at W, I could line up in the backfield, I could line up anywhere. Now if I always told you that I was lining up right here, that’d be simple. You guys could play off of me, but if I don’t know, if you don’t know where I am going to align, then these guys really have no clue. It’s easy for you to get lined up but the other guys, it’s difficult and that’s why most of the time, people get talked out of it, especially with offenses that move their guy around. And they do a really phenomenal job because people try to do that and they make it difficult just because of all of the different places that he aligns. It is hard for the other guys to get lined up in a timely matter, especially in a no-huddle offense with the tempo.” 

Coach Jay Gruden on:

* If he is confident that he has pass-rushing talent in the front seven:

“Yeah, I sure hope so. Yeah, we do. We have good players, man. Preston [Smith] and Ryan [Kerrigan] are good rushers and you throw Trent [Murphy] and [Houston] Bates in there, they’ve shown the ability to rush. Then interior. You’ve got Bake [Chris Baker] and you’ve got Kendall [Reyes] and you’ve got Ricky [Jean Francois]. We added Cullen [Jenkins] obviously. And Kedric [Golston] is more of a run player, he’s not going to get many sacks for us, but everybody else, we just have to do the little things a little bit better and we have to get in positions and situations where we can rush. You know, last week we didn’t get in many situations where it was all-out rush. Not many third and eights, third and 12s. We got a couple, we didn’t get much pressure, but we did get one sack – Kerrigan did. The key is first down we’ve got to do better, get them a second and long and then obviously try to get them in third down and long to try and make it more one-dimensional where we can rush.”

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