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Jay Gruden: "I don't know what he saw" on Cousins interception

Washington's head coach was not in a good mood during his postgame press conference.

In an extremely disappointing 27-23 loss to the Dallas Cowboys, the Washington Redskins left FedEx Field with another loss. No team has made the playoffs after starting 0-2 at home since the 2003 Eagles. Head coach Jay Gruden discussed the loss afterward. Here are the highlights:

* When up 23-20, the Redskins had a chance to salt the game away 57-yard completion to Josh Doctson. Unfortunately, Cousins threw an interception in the end zone.

"I don't know what he saw on the interception," Gruden said. "We had a play call that I thought he saw. I didn't see who got [the interception] or what happened, I just saw it happened."

* The other huge plays in the game included a Chris Thompson run on third-and-1 and a subsequent pass play on fourth-and-1 intended for Pierre Garcon, the second option.

"We just had an outside zone called," Gruden said about the third-and-1. "Thought we had a nice count look. I think the three-technique or the linebacker snuck through there and put a big hit on Chris. We thought we would get the first down there, but unfortunately had fourth and about closer than two, closer to two than one. We got into a good formation with good matchups, they played Cover-1. We had good one-on-one matchups across, he [Cousins] chose Pierre coming across the middle and Sean Lee [actually Justin Durant] made a good play."

* The Redskins attempted three end zone fade throws to Doctson and another one to tight end Jordan Reed but never converted. The incompletions in the red zone led to field goals instead of touchdowns, but Gruden defended the playcalling.

"A lot of times, we see a one-on-one matchup, we like to take a chance with a fade of back-shoulder fade," Gruden said. "Sometimes if the box is loaded, we don't feel like we don't have the numbers in our favor [to run the ball]. And that's something we need to work on. We had Jordan Reed, Josh Doctson, Pierre, we had great one-on-one matchups outside, I'd like to think I'll take advantage of that any day, all day, we just didn't win them today."

* Gruden complained about the roughing the passer penalty at the 8:15 mark of the fourth quarter. Mason Foster was assessed a 15-yard penalty for a low hit on Dak Prescott that resulted in an automatic first down to the Washington 29 instead of a third-and-5 for Dallas. The Cowboys would go on to score the game-winning touchdown seven plays later.

"Looked like Dak was a runner," Gruden said, "so we're allowed to go low and try and tackle him, so I don't know why he got pocket protection when he was spinning around, doing 360s. That's a tough call."

* Gruden said Washington "had plenty" of opportunities to win the game but did not consistently take advantage of them.

* Gruden admitted that quarterback Kirk Cousins "missed a few [throws] today," but the team cannot "put it all on Kirk."

* Obviously Washington has to "turn it around quick" with the 2-0 New York Giants on deck, but Gruden is trying to stay optimistic by pointing out that there is "a lot of football left." Gruden elaborated that the Redskins are facing adversity "a little earlier than anticipated."

* Gruden shared that nose tackle Kedric Golston will be getting an MRI on the hamstring injury that knocked him out of the game early.

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