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Redskins QB Kirk Cousins talks about his blunders against the Dallas Cowboys

There were some throws Cousins wants back. He explained his initial thought process following the Week 2 defeat.

In an extremely disappointing 27-23 loss to the Dallas Cowboys, the Washington Redskins left FedEx Field with another loss. No team has made the playoffs after starting 0-2 at home since the 2003 Eagles. Quarterback Kirk Cousins discussed the loss afterward. Here are the highlights:

* At halftime, head coach Jay Gruden was asked by FOX sideline reporter Pam Oliver who needed to step up. His response: "You know who needs to step up? Our quarterback." Cousins was asked after the game if he thought it was fair to be called out.

"Yeah," he said. "This is a quarterback-driven league. I think in our team, I need to play at a high level, week in and week out. I don't think that's any mystery, so you mention that quote as if it is surprising or determined something. I would say that's common sense."

* On the interception that Gruden said he had no idea what Cousins saw, the Washington quarterback explained why he waited so long.

"I felt like I needed to work, not off schedule, but I needed to let the play develop a little longer," Cousins said. "Backside safety made a good play coming over. And he was the one who made the play. I thought that once Pierre (Garcon) got around the near safety that I had space in the back of the end zone between the two safeties. But when you wait that long and look at it that long, that's where the backside safety is able to make his way over and that's what happened."

* On the fourth-and-1 pass that was deflected before getting to Pierre Garcon, Cousins explained that Garcon receiver was his second read. That might explain why the ball was delivered late despite the fact that Garcon had immediately won his one-on-one matchup before the Cowboys' Justin Durant undercut the route.

* Cousins had two big overthrows -- three, if you count the last-second Hail Mary -- that seemingly cost Washington touchdowns early in the game. The first went to Jamison Crowder, who had sprung wide open on his post route, but Cousins said he "led him more up the field" than the route angle intended. The second was a potential 60-yard bomb to DeSean Jackson that Cousins "just misjudged." Those were two big scoring opportunities that could have put this one away early.

* Besides the missed opportunities on big plays, Washington scored just two touchdowns in five red zone trips.

"There were a couple of times potentially where we were expecting or I was expecting a different look than what they played," Cousins said. "Again, I don't know if I am fully correct in saying that [without watching film], but that's what I felt on the field. Obviously, any time you don't come away with a touchdown, you feel you did something that wasn't good enough, and we feel like we can be better in the red zone. It's the same thing in any game when you come up short. You can point to red zone offense or converting third downs or protecting the football as reasons for a win or a loss."

* Cousins said the Redskins have the ability to perform better in those important situations.

"I think what's disappointing is we feel like there is the talent, there is the capability to be very good in those areas, and we've shown that so we just need to do it more consistently than what we are right now."

* Cousins summed up the loss to the Cowboys thusly: "They made more plays than we did, and that's the bottom line."

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