Bashaud Breeland Lacks Confidence? Ha, Says Bashaud Breeland

The Redskins corner spoke after Thursday's practice and did so with passion.

ASHBURN -- Before the first question was asked and the video started rolling Thursday, Bashaud Breeland wanted to make sure all saw the message on his t-shirt: "No Regrets."

That's the appropriate mantra for any NFL cornerback where one's mistakes are often magnified and lead to opponent's touchdowns. After two weeks of ample discussion about his performances to open the season, it's the mindset the Washington Redskins starter is inhabiting. 

Some suggest that Breeland's confidence is shaken after coming up short in matchups against star receivers in Washington's first two games, both losses. Breeland disagrees, strongly.

“Hey, I felt like I’m the number one corner in the league, I still feel like I’m the number one corner in the league,” said Breeland while seated in front of his locker. “Corners are gonna get beat. You see all these other corners, they get beat, but that don’t define me as a corner. You live or you die and you get back up and you do it again. If they beat you 100 times, they beat you 100 times. You’re still gonna get up there and do it again.”

The main crux of Breeland-centric topics involve whether who he and fellow CB Josh Norman are defending. The Redskins largely kept both on their sides of the field, though they had the Pro Bowler Norman begin trailing Dez Bryant more in second half of Sunday's 27-23 loss to Dallas after the standout receiver made plays earlier.

One report this week states Norman will be on another high profile receiver, New York's Odell Beckham, when the Redskins face the Giants this coming Sunday. Based on observations during practice and discussions, the Redskins may use Breeland some in the slot. That's where New York rookie Sterling Shepard has impressed. That's also where Beckham will occasionally roam and Norman will not follow, per the national report.

"When I'm on the field, I do what the coach tells me to do. Me as the player, that's my job. ...You make adjustments, you make adjustments. I can't be mad at it."

Redskins defensive coordinator Joe Barry addressed the game plan involving Breeland and Norman earlier in the day.

“Well, I mean, again, it’s planned out,” Barry said. “It’s detailed during the week. And our guys, every single one of our players are professionals. They really are. And we make sure that they feel absolutely 100 percent good with the plan.

DeSean Jackson, whose gear occupies a adjacent locker to Breeland's wasn't mad at the scene even though several reporters and cameras were occupying space in that corner of the locker room. He watched with a large grin and appeared to record some of the scene on his phone as Breeland talked about all the talk about him.

That’s what I’m trying to tell you,” Breeland said. “I’ve been in this position all my life. People been talking about me all my life, bro. That don’t bother me. I don’t lose no sleep. I laugh at y’all at the end of the day, for real. It don’t bother me. I’m a grown man.”

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