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Morning Manny: Redskins Deserve Praise For Fighting Their Way To Win

The Washington Redskins showed fight in their win over the New York Giants.

Manny Benton often tweets random thoughts regarding the Washington Redskins at random times of the day that typically bring interesting dialog. Now from Monday through Thursday at around 9 a.m., you can find those Twitter-sized thoughts in "Morning Manny." Complete with explanations!

I'd like to think the Redskins saw these two tweets in the second quarter and took them to heart. Especially considering that just minutes after these tweets, Washington's offense marched 75 yards down the field with the help of two big chunk receptions by DeSean Jackson. But in all honesty, I believe in giving credit when it's due. The Redskins deserve kudos for holding on to that small strand of hope and fighting to win against the New York Giants on Sunday.

There were plenty penalties, injuries and missed opportunities. You had players arguing with coaches on the sideline. Not to mention challenges that just didn't go in the Redskins' favor. Yet they scratched and clawed their way to a win. Really, that's all you could've asked for at this point. A loss would've been beyond catastrophic. 

"We got it in us," cornerback Josh Norman said after the game. "We're fighters 'till the end. Scrappin'. savagery -- just fight fight fight."

Of course, Norman versus his football rival, Odell Beckham Jr., was the big storyline heading into this game. Although the All-Pro receiver had some success (seven catches for 121 yards), he wasn't able to take over the game. For the most part, Norman kept his cool and didn't get into much fighting with Beckham as he did late last season while with the Carolina Panthers. Instead, Beckham was left to throw his tantrums and fight with football equipment on the sideline. It was as if he were a kindergartner who was denied cookies from the cookie jar. Numbers aside, Norman ultimately won the matchup. 

The film won't be pretty. The Redskins should also be careful to not become content with the way they won. But at the end of the day, they did win. It wasn't easy. They showed fight. They played with passion. They stuck together. If they are able to win a favorable home game against the beat-up, RGIII-less Cleveland Browns next Sunday, it'll suddenly be all gumdrops and rainbows in Washington.

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