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Breaking Burgundy Mailbag: Where's Will "The Thrill" Compton?

Manny Benton answers Redskins questions in today's Breaking Burgundy Mailbag about two aspects of Washington's linebacking corps.

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Surprisingly, Washington's OLB Trent Murphy currently leads the team with three sacks. He's on pace for well over 10 sacks this season, but we'll have to see if he's able to continue his streak. I remember asking an NFL scout about Murphy last offseason and he said that Murphy had the potential to be a double digit sack guy. However, it would be dependent on whether or not he puts in the work to fill-out his 6ft 6 frame. This offseason, Murphy was asked to gain weight with an expected move to the defensive line. However, after the Junior Galette injury, he moved back to OLB. Although Murphy lost a lot of the weight, I think he is stronger this season. Not to mention, the expected move to the DL forced him to really work on his overall game.

I don't think he will be a 10+ sack guy. But if he continues playing well when rotated into the lineup, it's possible he could come close.

To continue the discussion on Trent Murphy, I do think it would be smart for the Redskins to get him on the field with both Preston Smith and Ryan Kerrigan in certain situations. They've already done that a few times this season. Other times, Murphy has rotated in to give both Smith and Kerrigan rest. The Redskins have played a ton of two linemen looks on defense and appear to be using Trent Murphy as the "big tweener."

If he's looked bad to you, then you have quality eyes. So far this season ILB Will Compton has been a disappointment. I don't know if he's overthinking things, but I've seen him have several mental lapses coverage-wise. That's unlike him, because even if he isn't physically able to make certain plays in coverage, he would always be in position. He's also missed several tackles. Not to mention, Compton hasn't been able to consistently shed from offensive lineman. Part of those issues could be attributed to the lack of a defensive line presence. But you are right, he has not played well.

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