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Morning Manny: Kirk Cousins Still Has Unanswered Questions

Kirk Cousins has done very little to answer important questions that would justify giving him a long term deal.

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In one month of football, Kirk Cousins has done very little

The Redskins have not won two games because of Kirk Cousins. In reality, they've won two games despite the play of their $20 million QB. 

Cousins currently ranks 6th in the league with 1,172 passing yards -- a rather insignificant stat in today's NFL. He ranks 16th with a 91.8 QB rating. Honestly, Cousins has not done much so far to justify any belief that he legitimately deserves top dollar next offseason. 

In Washington's first two games, the fifth year QB was unable to rise to the occasion and shoulder the load for his team. Week Three against the New York Giants, Cousins had an atrocious mental error that prevented the team from scoring prior to halftime. Not to mention, he wasn't depended on for that final 4th quarter drive where RB Matt Jones carried the ball 8 of the 10 plays. This past week when Washington faced the Cleveland Browns, Cousins threw a costly interception early in the game and had a few mental lapses on the fourth quarter drive where he was sacked two times. The Redskins won despite those mishaps. Ironically, thanks to timely turnovers by the defense.  

Don't get me wrong, Cousins has done some nice things. But this is an evaluation season for him. Cousins knows it. The team knows it. We all know it. But more needs to be seen. There's still lingering questions that remain unanswered. Questions such as, can Cousins shoulder a team in key moments? Or, is he capable of extending plays? Can he be consistent? Kirk Cousins has flashed, but done very little to answer questions like that. If a long-term deal is the goal, Cousins has to improve his play in the next three quarters of this season. 

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