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Quarter Pole Report: Redskins MVP is...?

Breaking Burgundy's review of the opening four games starts with the current stance on the most valuable Redskins.

The Redskins are four games into the 2016 season, which means we've had enough on-field action to start forming opinion. We asked the Breaking Burgundy team and a some friends to do just that. First up, Most Valuable Player contenders.

Ben Standig

1) Dustin Hopkins -- Tackle Trent Williams honored the Super Bowl era Redskins this summer with his Hogs 2.0 boot camp. Hopkins is essentially doing the same as his 12 for 12 start reminds one of Mark Moseley's 1982 NFL MVP campaign. The difference is that in this era, the Redskins are likely in trouble if Hopkins remains in this spot by season's end.

2) Josh Norman --Arrived with oodles of hype and attention. Lived up to the former, hasn't backed down from the latter.

3) Jordan Reed - More than any of the "skill players," the tight end is the straw that stirs the drink for Washington's offense. On pace for 100 receptions, 1052 yards -- both would be career best numbers -- and eight touchdowns

Chuck Sapienza

1) Jordan Reed - He has become the best pass catching TE in football. Has surpassed Trent Williams as the most important player on the offensive side of the ball. When he is healthy, he is unguardable.

2) Josh Norman - Has been better than advertised. He makes plays all over the field and has been a good teammate. Imagine how good he would be if the front seven could put some pressure on the QB. Worth every penny.

3) Dustin Hopkins - Has been automatic. Remember when Mccloughan picked him up and everyone thought he was blaming the Forbath and it was a ceremonial move? Hardly. Scot was actually signing a weapon on Special Teams.

Manny Benton

1. Dustin Hopkins - he's been the most consistent player on the team this season, considering his area of specialty has zero blemishes. He ranks first in the NFL with a 100% Field Goal percentage. 
2. Josh Norman - he's been an impact player each week. 
3. Su'a Cravens - the rookie ILB has been great in coverage and essentially won the team a game (Week Three). 
Joe Glorioso
1. Dustin Hopkins - Five FG in one game on the road in an NFC east game you have to win gets you at the top of the list. He's also perfect on FG so far, consistently boots the ball out of the end zone on kickoffs and he happens to be really cool to talk to on the sidelines. 
2. Josh Norman - guy is the real deal. You may choose to crunch every WR's number against him but the guy is a baller and you never have to worry about him taking plays off because he only has one motor. He's the anti-Haynesworth.
3. Su'a Cravens - rookie man crush in full effect and his pick of Eli basically saved a season in game 3. 
Joe Yasharoff
1) Dustin Hopkins - I'm not a big fan of picking kickers for MVP (Mark Moseley not withstanding) but without Hop, the Skins would be 1-3, maybe 0-4
2) Matt Jones - He's played well in the last 3 games capped off by breakout game vs Browns. And now we don't have to talk about the pass/run ratio anymore.
3) Kirk Cousins - By default. Yes you could say he was a big (or the biggest) reason for Skins' 0-2 start (oh that Red-zone pick vs Cowboys) but give him credit for improved play the last 2 games. 

Burgundy Blog

1. Josh Norman - Basically the only thing standing between this defense and all-time futility.

2. Trent Williams - Best player on an offense carrying a defense on its back.

3. Sean McVay: No play-callers are perfect but this offense practically drives itself.

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