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Breaking Burgundy Mailbag: Could There Be A Shake-up On Washington's Coaching Staff?

Manny Benton answers this week's questions in the Breaking Burgundy Mailbag on topics including the coaching staff and the handling of Josh Doctson.

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The Redskins should have put Josh Doctson on the Physically Unable to Perform list at the beginning of the season. A known fact about Achilles tendon injuries is that not only do they tend to linger, they often are prone to flare up. I'm no doctor, but I think the Redskins should've sat him for the first month of football. Now, in October, the former TCU receiver is going on two weeks without practice and will miss his second consecutive game. If the injury hasn't healed by now, I don't expect it to heal.

An offseason consensus was that the Redskins were being forward-thinking when they drafted Doctson in the first round. Many figured that the Redskins were not expecting to use Doctson much this season anyway. However, I'd argue if that was totally true, they would have sat him at the beginning of the season. Their actions tell a different story than those offseason assumptions. The Redskins wanted to use Doctson early and often this year. That was their expectation. If they weren't depending on using him, then why did general manager Scot McCloughan injure himself this offseason after hearing unflattering news about Doctson's health? Again, why not start him on the PUP list? And at this point, why keep him on the active roster? The Redskins are the kid who opened a great gift for Christmas only to find out the gift doesn't work. Even if he miraculously gets healthy, Doctson is not an Odell Beckham Jr.-type who could enter the league without much practice and dominate.

Well, I think it has to be at least an 8-8 record. Even with that, it'll be interesting to see what McCloughan does. If it's a losing record and Cousins continues playing average football, I think changes could be made. That's the way it works in Washington. But most importantly, there's a portion of the fan base that is becoming impatient with McCloughan. The guys in the building right now are not McCloughan's guys. However, since he opted to not to bring in his own people, those on the staff have become a reflection of the general manager. I think he's smart enough to know that if things are not going well, changes will need to be made.

Most coaches probably get too much blame. But I've also seen some coaches practically make gourmet meals with groceries from Safeway. So, it can be done. It's not like the Redskins have absolutely no talent on defense -- they do. But while I do think they failed to address key areas such as the defensive line, Barry deserves some blame. I mean, if not for turnovers and offenses stopping themselves, Washington would be incapable of getting off the field on defense. 

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