The halftime message for Kirk Cousins? "We start with the football."

Cousins is happy to be on a resilient team.

The Redskins are above the .500 mark for the first time this season with a 16-10 win over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Starting quarterback Kirk Cousins discussed the win afterward. Here are the highlights:

* Washington was not hanging their heads or feeling good about themselves during the halftime break down 10-6.

"The [halftime] message was we start with the football," Cousins said. "No matter what has happened already, we start with the football. Let's take advantage of this first drive. I think there was an acknowledgement that hey we've done some good things, we've moved the ball. Obviously it is a very good defense, they proved that to us in the first half. ... Just had to keep playing."

* Per usual, Cousins admits that he should have thrown the ball elsewhere on C.J. Mosley Jr.'s athletic interception that head coach Jay Gruden described as jumping out of the gym for.

"I saw a two deep shell, saw zone coverage, saw Jordan [Reed] break in behind the zone defender," Cousins said. "Obviously in hindsight didn't mean to throw it over them. Could have put it on the shallow cross underneath them. When you play zone coverage those linebackers can do a really good job of just continuing to sink and he just made a really good play, but obviously I can go somewhere else with the football."

* "Not exactly," Cousins truthfully admitted when asked if he knew that DeSean Jackson would be in the area on the errant fourth quarter snap. "Game is pretty fast man," Cousins said before crediting the infrequently targeted Jackson for his heads up playing of coming back to the football.

* On the long offensive touchdown for Washington, Cousins credited Pierre Garcon for making a "phenomenal catch into the sun." On a day where Cousins missed multiple receivers, Garcon's quality snag keeps most from talking about an inaccurate throw on that play as well.

* Who would have thought the Redskins would have a winning record after Week 2's loss to the Cowboys.

"It's very satisfying to beat a good football team at their place. It took the whole team, it took all phases of the game and maybe that's the kind of team we are. Very pleased to get to 3-2 and put three in a row together. Life in the NFL. It takes everything out of you each week and you have to come back and get ready for the next one." 

* Washington's defense and special teams stepped up on a day where the offense was not their best.

"Just phenomenal," Cousins said about his defense. "They showed great character, great resiliency, they played together, played hard, and they stepped up time and again. Jamison's punt return was a phenomenal play, he's a phenomenal player. I think he's a little underrated because we have some other good players at wide receiver but he's special. He made some plays for us in the passing game that were special. We got to continue to find ways to get him on the field and get him involved. With the football in his hands good things happen."

* Moving forward personally, Cousins had the following to say about his growth.

"To grow as a player it's always going to be about situational awareness," Cousins said. In each individual moment of a game what do you do. That's where I have to grow. You throw the ball, can you make the reads, can you stand in there, can you win big games. I don't think that's really a question. I don't think people in the building are saying can Kirk do that. I think it's more of how good can he be in situations and have awareness in certain situations is how you play the quarterback position. That is what I'll say I am on a quest to continue getting better and better with for as long as I play football. I'll never feel like I've arrived."

* A certain basketball point guard received grief three weeks ago for not supporting the other local sports teams. Cousins did the exact opposite by ending his press conference by asking the media for an update on the Washington Nationals score. The local baseball club won the second game of the NLDS by a score of 5-2 to tie the series back up against the Dodgers.

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