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Morning Manny: The Redskins Have a Top Five Offensive Line

Trent Williams anchors the Redskins offensive line, but he's getting plenty of help from teammates and a certain coach.

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It's time to admit that the Redskins are fielding a top-five offensive line

The Redskins' offensive line branded themselves as the "Hogs 2.0" this offseason. While the standard set by the original Hogs in the 1980's and early 1990's is hard to reach, this modern version is blazing their own trail. 

Hogs 2.0 brand Founder and CEO Trent Williams is leading by example and setting the standard. The 7th year Pro Bowl LT may actually be playing the best football of his career this season and it's having a trickle down effect. Washington currently ranks second in the NFL with eight allowed sacks. Their most convincing game may have come Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles' explosive front-7. The Redskins not only left the game with zero sacks allowed, but they dominated Philly's front in the run game gaining 230 total rushing yards.

"They [Redskins] put three backs back there and they all produced -- what's that tell you," Center Spencer Long said postgame. "We have a heckuva offensive line in here. Hats off to Coach [Bill] Callahan. Those backs are all great as well. It takes us all."

I do believe the Redskins are currently fielding a top five offensive line. They're big, they're athletic and they are flatout getting the job done. As Long acknowledged, offensive line coach Bill Callahan deserves a ton of credit. He's dealt with injuries and players transitioning to new positions, yet the offensive front has yet to miss a beat.

Williams credits Callahan's attention to detail as the key trait that's rubbed off on the line.

"He never leaves a stone unturned," Williams told Breaking Burgundy's Ben Standig before the Week 6 clash. "No matter if you know it or he knows you know it, he's going to go over it anyway just to make sure there's no discrepancies anywhere."

That's case even with the perennial Pro Bowler.

"[Bill] stays on me just as much as he stays on anyone else," said Williams, who was rated one of the top 10 NFL players n Week 6.

It's that kind of coaching that helps an offensive line not only understand what they're individual duties are, but they understand each other's responsibilities. That, in turn, makes you play more cohesively as a unit.

"When he [Callahan] coaches, he coaches to everybody," Williams said. "No matter if you're a tackle, you hear what he's telling a guard to do -- you understand what he's telling the guard to do. I think that alone helps you transition into tough spots."

I think that was on display when Williams was tasked with playing guard earlier this season. The transition was seamless. For Long, the same could be said about his transition to center.

The Washington Redskins are fielding one of the better offensive line units in the NFL and coach Callahan deserves credit for the job he's done.   

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