Manny's Film Review: Redskins vs. Eagles

Manny Benton Reviews the Redskins vs. Eagles tape, specifically on Matt Jones.

MATT JONES NOTE #1: Jones did a nice job breaking an arm tackle to get through the line. Spencer Long was pushed back a bit, although he did re-anchor. A nice block by Brandon Scherff on the linebacker helped lead the way. What I continue to dislike about Matt Jones is how he finishes his runs. He was hesitant to lower his shoulder and make the safety carry his 6ft 2, 232 lb frame. He has to stop doing that. 
SECOND MATT JONES RUN Here again, Matt Jones had a very good run. I like how he got skinny and ran throw the lane reaching the second level. This turned into a 22 yard gain. But he hesitated on the second level when one-on-one against the safety. Instead of running uphill and bulldozing the safety, he decided to turn into a scatback and try to run away from the safety. The day he learns to finish runs will be the day he could become a consistent force.
THIRD MATT JONES RUN: Matt Jones, once again, had a really nice run. He gained 16 yards here after receiving some nice blocking up front. He made it to the second level and was again one-on-one vs the safety. Instead of lowering his shoulder, he was indecisive and opted to run away from the safety.


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