Breaking Burgundy Mailbag: Could The Redskins Make A Trade Before The Deadline?

Manny Benton answers this week's Redskins' questions including whether the team should make a mid-season trade.

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With the trade deadline approaching (Tuesday after Week 8 games) I thought this was a good question to answer for the #BBMailbag. The Redskins are currently 4-2 and appear to be peaking. In my opinion, that makes them candidates for a mid-season trade. I think trading mid-season is good for teams with injuries at key spots or teams attempting to make a playoff run. Rarely do you see a big trade, although there's been a few the past 5 years or so. I think most teams explore, but most times they opt to not make a deal. That could be the case for the Redskins. Or they could look at their current roster and consider making an upgrade at a spot like the defensive line.

The team currently has 9 draft picks in 2017. So they do have a little ammo to work with. If there's a name I think could be of legitimate intrigue, it's Jets' DL/OLB Sheldon Richardson. There's been some reports of tension between Richardson and the team this season. Most recently, the Jets confirmed that Richardson and teammate WR Brandon Marshall got into a heated discussion earlier this season. Then there's the fact Richardson will have an $8 million-plus cap hit in 2017 and will be a free agent in 2018. Considering the fact defensive line is the least of the Jets' concerns moving forward, Richardson could become expendable. If so, the Redskins should consider making the move. He's only 25 and he's extremely versatile. He's a prototype 3-technique, but the Jets have used him at the 5 tech position, OLB and ILB in some packages. Either way, he'd instantly become the most talented defensive lineman Washington has had in years. So, if they were to trade for a player, Sheldon Richardson should be considered. Even if it's not Richardson, I think an area that could stand an upgrade moving forward is the defensive line.

The Redskins will be without their talented TE Jordan Reed again this week against the Detroit Lions. Last week with Reed out, the Redskins opted to lean on Vernon Davis in the pass game. I'd expect that to continue this week. Niles Paul only has one catch this season and that came week two. I think the Redskins are relying on Paul in the run and pass blocking game. He's essentially their fullback and blocking tight end. He's doing the dirty work. Niles is good enough to be used in the receiving game, but Washington has a lot of mouths to feed. I think he understands that, although I'm sure he'd like more action.

You make a good point. I do think injuries at a couple spots forced the Redskins to play the better player. Specifically at center with Spencer Long and nickel corner with rookie Kendall Fuller. As far as inside linebacker, I think they have the right two guys playing. It's not even necessarily because the starting guys Will Compton and Mason Foster are great. They're okay. But your other options include rookie Su'a Cravens and second year player Martrell Spaight. I like the current role Cravens is playing -- when healthy, he was playing a good amount of snaps as a coverage backer. But he's not quite ready to play consistently against the run. For Spaight, it's the opposite. I think a guy like Mason Foster has proven to be better in coverage than Spaight. Although, I do like the potential the second year ILB carries, I don't think his time is now. 

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