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Kirk Cousins thought "we probably left him too much time" after rushing touchdown

A lot of things went wrong for Washington in its Week 7 loss, including technology.

The Redskins were victims of the trap game and fell to 4-3 on the season following a heartbreaking 20-17 loss to the Detroit Lions. Quarterback Kirk Cousins discussed the loss post-game. Here are the highlights:

* After Detroit scored the game's first touchdown, Washington was driving and looking to respond with a score of their own. Faced with a third-and-1 from the Lions 34 late in the third quarter, Cousins fumbled the hand off after tripping over Spencer Long who was immediately pushed backwards. Like most of the game, the ball bounced right to Detroit which put an end to another promising drive.

"Yeah, just tripped on the center. Tried to reach up and still execute the hand off. I had a split-second decision to either forfeit the down or try for a hand off to see if we could get it. You saw the result." 

* Later, Washington had the ball with 5:20 to go, down 13-10, and starting at their 24-yard line. The drive ended with a surprise read-option call that resulted in a 19-yard touchdown run from Cousins. The Redskins quarterback broke down the play.

"We checked to it [from a pass play]. The defensive end closed, pulled it [from Chris Thompson], and phenomenal blocking by our receiver on the outside to give me the chance to get there. Great play design."

Scoring in only 4 minutes and 15 seconds ended up being too short for a victory as the Lions scored a game-winning touchdown with 16 seconds left in the game. Cousins admitted his first thought after scoring was, "we probably left him [Matthew Stafford] too much time."

* Yes the Redskins defense allowed Stafford to march down 75 yards in a mere 49 seconds, but Cousins did not blame them one bit.

"Our defense kept us in the game, gave us a chance at the end."

"Our defense has bailed us out so many times and done a great job last several weeks and been the main reason why we've been winning. As an offense, we point the finger at ourselves and think about all the plays we could have made."

* You may have noticed Cousins spent time in between plays near the sidelines, which prevented Washington from using tempo at times. The likely culprit was technology.

"Headset went out. Had to go up [to the sidelines] and get the play every time. Not sure what happened. We had some issues with it in warm ups when we first came out for the kick off and then they got it fixed and then it came up again."

A miscommunication with Ryan Grant could also have been a by-product of Cousins' faulty helmet.

The technology glitch is one downside of having offensive coordinator Sean McVay in the booth.

Jamison Crowder, a lone bright spot, had a career high 108 yards on seven receptions, which drew praise from his quarterback Crowder has become a popular target .for Cousins since the concussion injury to Jordan Reed.

"I don't know that he has really evolved because when he showed up he was pretty talented. It's just a matter of giving him opportunities and getting him the football. I go where my reads take me and today they took me to him. He's an extremely talented player, you can see what he does on special teams as well."

* Crowder's production may have come at the expense of DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon, a combined 7 for 57 yards, but Cousins pushed back at the expectation that they need to get the ball more.

"They [Detroit] had a good pass rush. If we're completing passes, I think I was 30 of 39, I may not be going to DeSean and Pierre every time, but we're completing the football and going where my reads take me."

* "Tough times don't last, tough people do," Cousins said about the Michigan State Spartans who are on a five-game losing streak. The same mantra can be applied to the Redskins. Possibly without their three best players, Josh Norman, Jordan Reed, and Trent Williams, we will see just how tough Cousins and company are in London next week.

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