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Morning Manny: October Was Solid For Cousins But True Tests Are Ahead

Kirk Cousins has a tough November ahead of him. He could quiet his doubters by conquering the next three games on the schedule.

Manny Benton often tweets random thoughts regarding the Washington Redskins at random times of the day that typically bring interesting dialog. Now from Monday through Thursday at around 9 a.m., you can find those Twitter-sized thoughts in "Morning Manny." Complete with explanations! 

At the halfway mark, Kirk Cousins is still a tough evaluation: 

Everyone wants a franchise quarterback but really doesn't even know what one is. In my opinion, it's a guy who is consistent and reliable. You know what you're getting from a franchise QB each week. Even some of the generally perceived "average" franchise QBs throughout the past decade fit that bill. The elite club is a very small group. For the most part, you have your risk takers that often turn the football over but have gamer mentalities to keep a team in games. You also have guys who are game managers. Then there's QBs that fall between those two traits. I often find that the game managers don't tend to hold starting gigs for long. At some point you have to shoulder the load and win a game. That's what makes a Quarterback a franchise guy. 

So which category does Redskins' QB Kirk Cousins fit? To be honest, I personally am still not sure. If you're going to pay him big money, you'd hope he falls between those aforementioned traits. In my opinion, Cousins has played his best games of the season the past three weeks. He's had 5 passing touchdowns and two interception in that span. Against the Eagles, I thought he was solid. But the past two games against the Detroit Lions and Cincinnati Bengals Cousins has been a little more than solid. That's a good sign. But more needs to be seen. 

I have still yet to develop the feeling that the Redskins have a chance to win each week because of their QB. Washington had a taste of that feeling in 2012, in my opinion. That's the kind of feeling a Franchise QB should bring to the table. 

The upcoming slate of games in November could paint a clearer picture on who Cousins is and could be. The Redskins next three opponents (Vikings, Packers and Cowboys) currently have a combined record of 15-5. This may actually be the best three game slate Cousins has seen since becoming the team's starter. With two of those games being at home, the stakes are high. Cousins has a major opportunity to quiet his doubters if he conquers November.

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