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Morning Manny: Redskins Lose Their Most Indispensable At The Most Inopportune Time

Manny Benton explains what Trent Williams four-game suspension means for the team.

Manny Benton often tweets random thoughts regarding the Washington Redskins at random times of the day that typically bring interesting dialog. Now from Monday through Thursday at around 9 a.m., you can find those Twitter-sized thoughts in "Morning Manny." Complete with explanations! 

Losing LT Trent Williams is a major blow for the Redskins no matter how you slice it:

The Redskins lost their most indispensable player to a four game suspension Tuesday and it's pretty unfortunate. The Redskins need Trent Williams and he knows that. Issue is, for the second time in five years, Williams has been suspended for violating the league's substance abuse policy. It's been reported that Williams didn't necessarily fail a drug test this time, but missed one. No matter how it's explained, this is not a good look for Trent Williams. 

For the team, this is coming at the absolute worst time. The Redskins are headed into maybe the toughest stretch of their season beginning with the Minnesota Vikings in Week 10. Even after having a poor outing Week Eight, the Vikings pack the league's best defense.

Below we'll list three things that will happen without Trent Williams in the fold:

  • Ty Nsekhe time: Nsekhe, 31, has been in the NFL off and on since 2012. He is regarded highly in the organization. GM Scot McCloughan once stated that Nsekhe could start for numerous teams in the league. Whether that's true or not, Offensive Line coach Bill Callahan is the guy who stood on the table for Nsekhe in 2015. Callahan trusts Nsekhe and now is his chance to prove his position coach right. Nsekhe (6ft 8, 335 lbs) is a massive individual who plays with fairly sound technique. He is no where near as athletic as Williams, which will force schematic changes. I'd expect the Redskins to use tight end Vernon Davis, hybrid Niles Paul and running backs to help chip rushers on Nsekhe's side. 

  • Boot right: With Williams out, the Redskins may call more boots to the right side in order to ensure QB Kirk Cousins is comfortable. Of course, they won't do it all the time because that cuts the field in half. But I wouldn't be surprised if you see an increase in boots to the right side. 

  • Ground Game: It should come as no surprise that the Redskins run left end a lot. Their 40 rushing plays on the left end ranks second in the entire NFL. They have an average gain of 5.65 yards per play which ranks 14th. But considering their high volume of runs on that end, that's a very respectable number. Much of this is because of Trent Williams and his athleticism as a lead blocker. With him out, the team could still run that end, but I'd expect more right end carries. The team is actually pretty good running right end too. Their 32 rushing plays on that side ranks 4th in the league with a 6.41 average gain that ranks 6th.  

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