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Morning Manny: Should Re-Signing Pierre Garcon Be An Offseason Priority?

Manny Benton suggests it's not a slam dunk that the Redskins retain WR Pierre Garcon after the 2016 season.

Manny Benton often tweets random thoughts regarding the Washington Redskins at random times of the day that typically bring interesting dialog. Now from Monday through Thursday at around 9 a.m., you can find those Twitter-sized thoughts in "Morning Manny." Complete with explanations! 

WR Pierre Garcon's success against the Minnesota Vikings isn't enough to make him an offseason priority:

The Washington Redskins have several key starters entering free agency this offseason, including ninth-year veteran receivers Garcon and DeSean Jackson. Popular opinion is that of the two, Jackson will certainly be the one to depart after the 2016 season concludes. While that could happen, I don't think that's anywhere near being set in stone. There's a possibility the team could move on from both receivers. But if they were to move on from only one, I think it's more likely that Garcon isn't retained. 

I know that could be a bit odd to say with Garcon coming off a great game against the Minnesota Vikings. He led the team with 10 targets, catching six for 81 yards in a game where Jackson was sidelined. It was vintage Garcon as Washington got him rolling on those slant and bang eight (skinny post) routes. I think the Redskins noticed Minnesota's linebackers not getting enough depth in their zone drops. Those routes are Garcon's bread and butter. He's tough as nails and isn't afraid to catch the ball in traffic. Having said that, if you were to lose one of these receivers, Jackson would be tougher to replace. 

Washington essentially drafted Garcon's replacement in first-rounder Josh Doctson. He's a big-bodied receiver who is best on those inside slants, skinny posts and out routes. He's your possession receiver, if healthy. Of course, that "if healthy" is key. But either way, the Redskins can find players who give them what Garcon brings to the table. What they can't do is immediately duplicate what Jackson does even when the ball isn't going his way. Jackson has the attention of safeties each week because he's a constant downfield threat. While I do believe the Redskins have themselves a guy in Jamison Crowder who can be a similar menace, Jackson is still valuable in that regard. 

If the Redskins wish to retain one of these guys in order to have true veteran leadership at the position, that guy is DeSean Jackson. He has taken young receivers under his wings the past few years. He's a guy who, believe it or not, those in the position group look up to. I wouldn't be surprised with any direction the Redskins choose to take. But if they were to retain one of these receivers, my bet is it's DeSean Jackson. 

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