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BBMailbag: NFL Comparisons For Redskins Rookies Robert Kelley and Maurice Harris

Manny Benton answers questions from fans and gives NFL comparisons to Robert Kelley and Maurice Harris.

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This question pertaining to rookie RB Robert Kelley and rookie WR Maurice Harris is an interesting one. Kelley has held on tight to his starting gig and has done nothing but flash consistency. Harris, on the other hand, had his first opportunity to make some impact plays on third down last week against the Minnesota Vikings. I like both players.

But to answer your question, firstly, general manager Scot McCloughan has gone on record comparing Kelley to Frank Gore. McCloughan, who spent five seasons in the San Francisco 49ers' front office, considers Gore to be his best draft pick ever, so that's an extremely high compliment. It should also be noted that McCloughan likens Matt Jones to Marshawn Lynch, and we all know that's a major reach. However, Kelley does share a few traits with Gore, including quick feet and making decisive cuts. I don't believe he'll have nearly the same career Gore has had, which is Hall of Fame-worthy. But his style has been a breath of fresh air for this offense. 

Harris, on the other hand, is intriguing. We haven't seen him play much, even in preseason. I don't think many even understand his game. But he's a big-body receiver who can play out wide and in the slot. He runs his routes low -- which is a plus -- and has shown that he has solid footwork. Most importantly, he has really good hands. I really like his game. The player he somewhat reminds me of is T.J, Houshmandzadeh. If you recall, Houshmandzadeh was an extremely effective complementary receiver to Chad Ochocinco with the Cincinnati Bengals. I actually think Harris could be better on the outside than Houshmandzadeh.

QB Kirk Cousins has definitely had his share of issues versus "trap" coverage, which is something the Green Bay Packers use. Most notably, I think you saw him struggle a bit in Week 1 against the Pittsburgh Steelers, who did some things similar to what Cousins will see Sunday from the Packers. Not to mention, Cousins struggled to get rolling against this defense in their Wild Card playoff game last season. This is a big opportunity for him to continue quieting doubters by showing up in these kinds of matchups. It helps that the Packers haven't been playing well, but they're still a team capable of dominating a game in any given week. 

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