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Redskins safety Matt Bowen is one of the more interesting players in Washington: a fierce and quiet player on the field, one who leaves opponents fearing his hits; and a thoughtful player off it, someone who keeps a journal and dreams of someday writing a novel. All of which means you can ask him just about anything. Just click on the Ask Matt portion on the left-hand side of the page and drop him a line. We'll post his responses each Friday.

From: smdvv1@xxxxx
Q: Matt, What's your favorite movie?
A: I'll give you my top three. Shawshank Redemption, Goodwill Hunting and Field of Dreams.

From: mirf59@xxxxx
Q: Love your game. Keep it up, tongue-lashings or no. Since your Redskins career has now been tied to Trung Canidate, I'm wondering: how does Trung compare to other guys you've faced-- like Ahman Green or Najeh Davenport? What will it take for Trung to be the man like Ahman in GB?
A: It will take just being himself. Trung is a tremendous football player. He's different than those guys. Ahman runs like Walter Payton: high knees, downhill runner. Trung is in the same mold as Marshall Faulk, a playmaker who catches the ball well. He can turn a short gain into a touchdown.

From: bam2bbad@xxxxx
Q: I just wanted to know if George Edwards would be doing a lot more blitzing since we are kind of thin at defensive tackle.
A: No. I think our front four is good. We'll play the style of defense they played here last year and carry it over to this year. How much blitzing is part of it remains to be seen.

From: bam2bbad@xxxxx
Q: I'd also like to know if you can answer this: what kind of progress is Rob Johnson making with Spurrier's offense? Thanks.
A: No problem. Rob is doing really well. He's new to the system but he's also been an NFL quarterback for a while. He knows how to play quarterback. It took me both minicamps and a week of training camp to feel like you knew exactly what you're doing.

From: jccjb33@xxxxx
Q: I met you at the Fan Appreciation Day . . . Are you and your new teamates gelling now?
A: I feel we're starting to. But we've still got another week of practice before our first game. We want to gell Sept. 4 and that's what we're aiming to do. But I see signs of it. I see a swarming defense, stopping the run like we did last week and playing together as a unit.

From: jccjb33@xxxxx
Q: Also, do you miss the Packers? They're not my favorite team but I respect them. Are you digging your new colors?
A: That's easy: No and I do.

From: jbusbee@xxxxx
Q: Who's offense is the most difficult to scheme for and where would you put Spurrier's offense in that mix?
A: Good question. I would say Coach Spurrier's offense and Coach Martz's in St. Louis. They're similar in attacking and can cause a lot of problems. You have to put in more mental time. You have to know what you're doing and how to react to a lot of different looks they'll give you. They are more unpredicatable and pull out some plays you've never seen before.

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