Morning Manny: Sean McVay Could Soon Become The League's Youngest Head Coach

Manny Benton suggests the Redskins to begin grooming an in-house replacement for Offensive Coordinator Sean McVay, who could soon be a Head Coach.

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The Redskins should start grooming Sean McVay's replacement as Offensive Coordinator:

This may come as a surprise to some Redskins' fans, and frankly, many won't agree -- but Offensive Coordinator Sean McVay is a legit NFL Head Coaching candidate. He will have that title sooner than later. Maybe not in 2017, but definitely by 2018. The Redskins would be wise to begin grooming an in-house replacement. 

It's a copy cat league and it is an offensive driven league. Teams are always looking for offensive-minded coaches that pack a prolific offensive system. Sean McVay has that. He's essentially a piece of the "Shanahan coaching tree." Falcons' offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, of course, is widely presumed as being the top off-season Head Coaching candidate. Ironically, both the Atlanta Falcons and Washington Redskins rank top-three in total offensive this season. While Washington's offense does have Jay Gruden's fingerprints all over it, you still see a lot of the Shanahan offense. It would come as no shock if teams that are unable to hire Kyle Shanahan this off-season will view Sean McVay as a great alternative.

"Sean McVay will be that next guy," former Head Coach Mike Shanahan said in a Bleacher Report radio interview Sunday. "[Sean is] a class individual. Could be a great head coach the way he's worked with Kirk Cousins." McVay's success with Kirk Cousins is something I'm sure teams across the league have noticed.

Sean McVay, 30, is set to become the youngest NFL Head Coach. It's becoming more and more apparent. McVay's ability to scheme receivers open is very comparable to Kyle Shanahan. He's proven that he's able to adapt to players. Not to mention, while some may disagree, McVay has also developed into a pretty good play caller. Of course, there's areas he could improve upon and he hasn't been perfect. But, he's young and his upside as a coach is large.

For the Redskins, they better start preparing for the inevitable. A guy I think could be an in-house replacement is tight ends coach Wes Phillips. He's been with the Redskins for two years now and coaches arguably the best position on the team. He's helped Jordan Reed reach new heights of success. Not to mention, he's helped Vernon Davis have his best season since 2014.

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