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Morning Manny: Ball Security The Key For Robert Kelley

Through four games as the team's starting running back, ball security has been the biggest difference between Robert Kelley and Matt Jones.

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Ball security has been the biggest difference between Robert Kelley and Matt Jones

With four starts under his belt, Robert Kelley has now accumulated enough carries to compare with Matt Jones. Of course, Jones has been inactive the past two games and the decision to start Kelley has proven to be smart. But the numbers could shock some people. Let's take a look.

Kelley: 98 carries for 461 yards and 4 touchdowns 

Jones: 99 attempts for 460 yards and 3 touchdowns

It may come as a surprise how much these stats mirror each other. Other than the fact Matt Jones had more success as a receiver (8 receptions for 73 yards), the biggest difference has been ball security. That, in reality, is probably the most important stat. Of course, I'm not one who points to stats as telling a full story. I do believe Kelley has been a better, more decisive runner. But the biggest difference, at this point, has been ball security.

Matt Jones' three fumbles in 2016 (8 career total) still proves to be the staggering stat. Robert Kelley has been much better with ball security, thus proving himself more reliable. When you pack a passing attack like the Washington Redskins do, all you need is consistency in the backfield. Kelley has provided them with just that. Not to mention, with Washington in the playoff hunt, it benefits them to have a dependable player in the backfield who won't turn over the football.  

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