Morning Manny: Kendall Fuller Developing Under Fire

Kendall Fuller has had his share of struggles the past few weeks, but Manny Benton believes he will be fine moving forward.

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Redskins rookie CB Kendall Fuller will be fine

It's been easy to say that rookie corner Kendall Fuller has had his share of struggles the past few weeks. Anytime a ball is caught from the slot position, he's the first person that gets the blame. There's no denying it. There's also no denying the gauntlet of slot receivers he's had to face. In just the past three weeks, Fuller dealt with Stefon DiggsRandall CobbCole Beasley with occasional matchups against Dez Bryant. That's one heckuva line-up that just about any corner would have his struggles against one-on-one, let alone a rookie. Cut Fuller some slack. 

After reviewing the film of games against those receivers, there's plenty of plays that weren't even Fuller's fault. There were times the Redskins played a zone underneath with linebackers and they were just completely out of position. Not to mention, the safety play has been putrid in terms of coverage. Again, Fuller hasn't been perfect. But I've seen him just get flat-out beat by great players when he's in very good position. There's nothing you can really do about that when you're facing some of the top slot receivers in the league. 

“Well, I think as a young football player, he’s growing," coach Jay Gruden said Wednesday. "And he’s not going to be perfect, nor is anyone on our football team, but I like the ways he plays. He plays with great effort. He’s a smart football player. He has just got to continue to work on his technique and I think that’ll come with time. Whether it’s outside leverage, inside leverage, off technique, whatever it is, zone technique, all that stuff is just repetition, repetition, repetition. The more he gets, the better he is going to be.”

Of course, Fuller will have another tough matchup against Larry Fitzgerald when the Redskins face the Arizona Cardinals Sunday.

"He’s presented challenges for everybody in the NFL when he moves inside or outside," Gruden said of Fitzgerald. "He’s a Hall of Fame receiver, so he’s a great player."

One thing I touted about Fuller pre-draft? His competitive nature. He's super competitive and super smart. I too really like his brand of football. Outside of just coverage, he's been an excellent tackler for this defense. I think people forget that he's:

* Coming off a knee injury

* Essentially missed his final season at Virginia Tech

* Is playing a new position

* Is a 21-year-old rookie.

Fuller will be fine. In fact, I'm impressed that he hasn't hung his head low. He's not afraid of anyone who lines up in front of him. This is good experience for him and he's only going to get better. The sky is the limit for Fuller, even if at times it appears to be falling down on him.

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