Spurrier Discusses Cuts

Redskins coach Steve Spurrier met with the media this morning, after some of the decisions on cuts were made. Spurrier released one player close to his heart and didn't seem too pleased with how it came about.

Q: Why McCullough over Watson?

A: You're gonna ask me about several players and my answer is simply this. When the coaching staff and the personnel department disagree about one or two players, the owner steps in and has the final say. That's the way we do things around here. It was a team decision to keep the players we have here. It's a team decision and we all argue and discuss things and when the final decision is made we all support it. that's where we are.

Q: How many cuts did that happen?

A: I'm not gonna say. I don't need to get into all of that. That's the way it went.

Q: Who's the backup QB?

A: There's only two here. We hope to sign Gibran back to the practice squad unless someone picks him up

Q: Who are your quarterbacks?

A: Patrick Ramsey of course and Rob Johnson.

Q: Was it tough to let Danny go?

A: I go back to my original statement. When there are disagreements, the owner makes the final call.

Q: Who's number three?

A: Gibby. That's the plan.

Q: Who is your emergency QB in a game?

A: We don't have one. If we have two injuries in the game, I don' know what we'll do. We'd definitely get in shotgun. But I'm not giving away our secrets. There's no one who could stand under center, step back and throw it. We could always put in single wing plays. Sometimes, the way the offense looks, that might not be too bad.

Q: We know Watson, Gibran, Cowsette, Elisara and Woodcock have been cut, who else was?

A: I don't have the list.

Q: Did Larry Moore practice today?

A: Larry practiced. He had a little brace on, but he's moving around very well. He should be at full speed or close to full speed.

Q: Who will start at tight end and fullback: I think Flemister has regained his spot from Royal. The other fullback situation, we've not discussed exactly. Rock and Bryan will play a lot. Both are on special teams. I'm not exactly sure who will start. It's very close; they're both good fullbacks.

Q: Will Canidate start?

A: Yes. We also have Ladell and Chad and Sultan has made the team.

Q: Will Betts play some on Thursday?

A: I hope so. We certainly plan on giving him carries.

Q: How many receivers are you keeping?

A: We have six right now.

Q: How many will you play in a game?

A: Four or five, depending on the week.

Q: Who's the other starting safety?

A: I don't know if that's been determined yet. I'll let you know later in the week on that.

Q: Will Haley and Holsey start?

A: I believe that's correct. Ask the other coaches about that. But I believe that's true right now, with Lional and Martin spelling them some.

Q: Will Bruce and Upshaw split time?

A: I believe so. I'll try to keep all those defensive players fresh and rotate them in.

Q: What about Patrick Johnson?

A: He's come on strongly. He definitely made the team in the last couple games. He played very well the last two games.

Q: Do you see him challenging Taylor for time at number 3?

A: Definitely, definitely. He's been more productive than Taylor or Cliff. He's been more productive than those two. Based on preseason, Laveranues Coles, Rod Gardner and Darnerien and Patrick Johnson have been the most productive of the wide receivers. We'll go by production. Certainly, Darnerien and Patrick Johnson have caught everything in preseason and played pretty well. I'm not giving up on the other two but for some reason it hasn't happend on game day.

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