Chat Live with Jon Jansen

Redskins right tackle Jon Jansen never wanted to leave Washington. That's why he was so disappointed when negotiations were moving slowly last year. And that's why he was so happy to eventually re-sign. Now he plans on sticking around for a while. He also plans to make a few Pro Bowls before he's finished, starting with a trip at the end of this season.

Now you can ask him about his goals, or anything else going on with the Redskins, in a free, live, moderated chat on Sept. 2, scheduled for 1:30 p.m. ET.

Entering his fifth season, Jansen has long been a leader by example. His consistent play and work ethic have long impressed his teammates. This season he wants to be a spokesman for the franchise as well.

So don't miss this exclusive opportunity to ask him anything you want. Just be kind: remember, he's 6-foot-6 and 306 pounds.

To get in: just click here Hog-Monster Chat-Room Also it would be adviseable to get their early, and have your questions ready in a text editor so you can copy and paste and we can move quickly through the questions.

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