Negotiations Tabled

The Redskins and corner Champ Bailey won't talk contract again for at least a few months, a decision mutually agreed upon by owner Dan Snyder and agent Jack Reale.

The Redskins say they hope to resume negotiations before the season is over. They say they still plan to sign Bailey to a long-term deal. But their initial offer, which included a $14.75 million signing bonus, was rejected by Bailey and his agent, Reale. The reason: the bonus was misleading, they said. Only $7.4 million of that bonus would be paid upfront and the rest would be tied to being on the roster.

Also, the deal was heavily backloaded, they said.

''Their offer didn't do much for me,'' Bailey said. ''That was pretty obvious.''

Bailey was somewhat ambivalent about the tabled negotiations. Bailey said he didn't think anything was going to get down now anyway. Reale's concern was that it would bother his client during the season, much like some close to tackle Jon Jansen thought it affected his play a year ago.

''I guess it's best for everybody,'' Bailey said. ''It's been at a standstill for the last two weeks. I didn't think anything was going to happen anytime soon anyway. . . .You'd think they'd be disappointed. You're always asking about me [being disappointed]. You'd figure they'd want to keep the guys they want here. It's on them.''

The Redskins also could opt to make Bailey their franchise player. But Reale likely would seek another team to make a trade for his client rather than return under those conditions.

''Any player who has had that done to them in the past, it hasn't worked out great for the team,'' Bailey said. ''They'll do anything to keep you around and not pay you what you're worth.''

The Redskins signed Jansen to a contract in December, but negotiations were never tabled--though they were slow. Jansen said it was hard not to take it personally. Bailey said it isn't. Bailey also declined comment when asked how much he wanted to remain in Washington.

''It's all business,'' he said. ''I don't think they hate me that much.''

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