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Trent Williams' Suspension Likely Used Against Him In All-Pro Voting

Trent Williams' suspension costs him First Team All-Pro Honor.

The Associated Press released its 2016 NFL All-Pro list Friday and it did not include any Washington Redskins on the first team list. In fact, other than Left Tackle Trent Williams who received three votes (4th team), no other Redskins player was voted into consideration. 

Of course, the only other player that could've had a legitimate case for All-Pro votes was star Cornerback Josh Norman who made first team All-Pro last year. Norman will enter the offseason without the accolades he garnered after his 2015 season. He didn't make the initial Pro Bowl roster and now has gone without a vote in this year's All-Pro process. He didn't have a horrible season, but leading the league in penalties at his respective position surely didn't help his case. Not to mention, the upwards of 10 interceptions he allowed to go through his hands.

The player most expected to potentially receive All-Pro honors was definitely Trent Williams. In my opinion, he was the best Left Tackle in the game this season. It was his best year as a pro on-the-field. Unfortunately, he got himself in trouble again off-the-field and was handed a four game suspension for a failed drug test. It should come as no surprise that the suspension would affect his potential All-Pro status. That's the way it should be. 

Unlike Norman, the 7th year left tackle still leaves the season with a Pro Bowl honor. Not to mention, if it even matters, Williams received first team All-Pro from the guys at Pro Football Focus. But no matter how you slice it, Trent Williams' suspension was costly and selfish. It was only right for the Associated Press to lower him in ranks because of that.

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