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Should Sean McVay Leave And Gus Bradley Arrive, Just Remember Who They Left Behind

Wunderkind Sean McVay might land an NFL coaching job any day now. That doesn't mean Redskins fans should freak. Why? Jay Gruden is staying

For all of those worried about the possibility that Washington Redskins offensive coordinator Sean McVay leaves for a head coaching job, you should stop doing that.

The 30-year-old is an attractive candidate thanks to his football genes, interviewing prowess and impressive resume even at such a young age. It's no wonder fledgling teams like the Rams, who reportedly are bringing McVay back for a second interview, and 49ers are interested.

Just remember two things should McVay move on to become the youngest head coach in NFL history: 1) Jay Gruden is staying 2) It's his offense.

Because McVay called was given play-calling duties in 2015, many act as if Gruden's role shifted into pure overseer. Like Gruden, who was hired by Washington in 2014 after three seasons as the Bengals offensive coordinator, handed the keys to the young kid, patted him on the head and said don't break anything.

"I think Gruden's system is as good as just about any I've seen," NFL analyst Andy Benoit told last summer. "I think he's one of the 10 best offensive designers and callers in the league. Keep in mind Sean McVay calls the plays their now as the offensive coordinator, but McVay is really an extension of Jay Gruden."

The extension comment is important and not just in the context of McVay.

Washington is searching for a new defensive coordinator after not retaining Joe Barry along with some assistants. When trumpeting these various options, often those with previous coordinator experience, reporters and fans note the various unit ranking under said coaches.

It's quite possible such numbers have validity. However, just like McVay connects with Gruden on offense, realize the same applies for others.

Many are pumped that the Redskins are reportedly interested in former Jaguars head coach and ex-Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley. There's a reason why some make a big fuss over Gus, who was with Seattle from 2009-2012 and helped shaped a defense that eventually led the charge to two Super Bowl appearances and one title.

Just note that both Super Bowl trips came after Bradley left. Yes, the defense ranked 4th in 2012 under Bradley. It then finished first in 2013 and 2014 under Dan Quinn, who was hired in 2015 as the Falcons head coach. Over the next two years, the unit stayed a top-5 defense. That head coach Pete Carroll, a defensive mind, remained can't be a coincidence.

There's a similar story with Mike Pettine, another defensive coordinator candidate, who coached under Rex Ryan. None of this means a coordinator on the same side of the ball as the head coach can't succeed on his way. Hello, Joe Gibbs came to the Redskins after a stint with Don Coryell in San Diego. It just means you're hiring the man more than numbers in these cases.

If the Rams want McVay, Mazel Tov to all. That move would make sense, especially on the marketing side of things in the LA market. As for running a football team, we'll see.

Maybe he's the next Joe Gibbs. Maybe he's the next Lane Kiffin, the current record holder as youngest NFL head coach. Maybe McVay is the voice who turned Kirk Cousins around. Maybe he's a coach who just cannot commit to the running game or call ideal plays in the Red-Zone. Time will tell. His numbers as offensive coordinator with Washington won't.

Either way, McVay wouldn't be taking the Redskins system away from the Redskins. That stays with Jay Gruden. As Andy Benoit would tell you, that's a good thing.

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