Redskins Park Update - Tuesday

The Outback Steakhouse Madden Cruiser was at Redskins Park today. John Madden and Lisa Guerrero watched practiced and then interviewed players. Madden looks much older in person than he does on TV. Guerrero? Well, she's much better looking than Madden. Because I'm married, that's all I can say.

. . . Your emergency No. 3 quarterbacks: Rod Gardner, Chad Morton and Matt Bowen. All three worked at the position in practice today. Just in case. Bowen said he'd just tell the wideouts to go deep. Gardner was much better.

''It'll be showtime,'' Gardner said. ''It'll be a recap of what I did in high school and what I did in college. I think I'm ready. They've got confidence in me and that's all that matters.''

The best route he throws? The slant.

''Me and L.C. have a combination, it's, 'L.C., check with me,' '' Gardner said. ''I'll let him know what I want to run and I'll get it to him. We got that 1-2 combo, for real.''

And if the receivers complain?

''I'll get them the ball,'' Gardner said. ''I love my boys so I'll get them the ball. If they let me throw downfield I will do it. There's no reason. I've got the arm to do it. If they put me out there I'll perform well, I promise you that.''

. . . More from Champ Bailey on the possibility of being the franchise player: ''If you look at it, if you're the franchise you're still free. You don't have to sign it. I'll be a Walter Jones and not show up until after the first game. I want to play and I'll do anything I can to be on the field for every play. I haven't missed a game in Lord knows how long. I don't plan on starting now.''

. . . Injury update: WR Taylor Jacobs (abdominal trauma) is doubtful--he was still hospitalized as of last night; OL Wilbert Brown (elbow) and C Larry Moore (ankle) are questionable; DT Jermaine Haley (ankle) and DL Peppi Zellner (knee) are probable.

. . . As special teams coach Mike Stock entered the building, he noticed tackle Chris Samuels sitting in the tub of ice outside. So he stopped and asked Samuels how long he'd been here, which led to a discussion of winning. Samuels said he and Jon Jansen were just talking about how tired they are of losing. And Stock told him they should address the team before the game talking about that topic. Stock was pumped: spit was nearly flying out of his mouth as he talked to Samuels about the need to play hard for 60 minutes. Stock is cut from the old-school mold.

. . . Redskins vice president of football operations Vinny Cerrato said they haven't yet contacted the agent for ex-Patriots safety Lawyer Milloy, who was cut today. But that doesn't mean they won't. Because of when they play this week, it's likely any serious talks would take place after the opener.

. . . The Redskins will have a closed walk-through practice tomorrow and will stay at a hotel near FedEx Wednesday night.

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