Press Conference: Patrick Ramsey

With the big NFL opener between the New York Jets and the Washington Redskins rapidly approaching, starting QB Patrick Ramsey answers questions from the New York media.

Q: Your thoughts on getting the season started on Thursday night?

Ramsey: I am real excited not only for the platform but the match up. They are an excellent football team and we have really been preparing for them hard this week thus far.

Q: What has it been like to work with Coles during training camp?

Ramsey: It has been a pleasure not only because he is so talented but because of the fearless and working attitude he brings. I think it is infectious and he brings a very important addition to this team.

Q: Can you tell an excitement level from Coles about the game coming up with his former team?

Ramsey: Coles is not incredibly excitable when we are around the facility and watching film. You can see that he is definitely working hard towards something. Whether that be that game this season or to have a break out year, I think that he is certainly working hard and he is doing well.

Q: How importance has the presence of the four former New York Jets been seeing that they have been to the playoffs twice?

Ramsey: I think in a subconscious way, but it is not something that we ask them or how they feel about that. In certain situations, in a subconscious way, the attitudes that come from them help.

Q: Knowing the shovel system of your coach's quarterback in the past, what sort of things were going through your mind when the season started and how did you find out you were going to be the guy no matter what?

Ramsey: I was actually told that prior to the season at the conclusion of last year. I kind of approached the season with that mindset.

Q: How much more comfortable and confident do you feel in the offense compared to last year?

Ramsey: There is no comparison between where I felt I was last year and where I am now. Going into it, last year, I held out, so it was a situation where I was learning as we game planned and that is a difficult situation because if we are game planning a team, we are using plays we may not have used in previous weeks. We are trying to install those and the guys in camp had something to draw from where I had not. I was trying to learn as I went. It was a lot more difficult.

Q: Can you talk about the passion that Randy Thomas has shown. He was the type of guy here that revved up the guys before games and I think you had seen a little bit of that last week?

Ramsey: He definitely did. Randy is an excitable guy and gets excited about the game. A lot of guys deal with it in their own ways and Randy is a vocal guy. I think some guys get into that.

Q: Have you sensed a change or humbling of the coach with him coming in last year really talking the talk?

Ramsey: I think we all learned a lot about the league last year. He got the players that he felt could help his system this year. I think you can better see his offense represented this year because I think we learned a lot and have the players in place now that he likes.

Q: How much did the hold out hurt you last year?

Ramsey: I thin it certainly hurt primarily because I was unable to learn all of our plays in one spot. I really didn't have a reserve of plays to draw from during the season because you put in a certain number of plays. Say you have 100 plays. You use 30 or 40 for a game, but at the same time you have the other 60 plays there that you can draw from later as a reference and I did not have that. It was much more difficult when I started to play.

Q: They gave Coles a lot of money. Is there any pressure to get him the ball or feature him in the offense?

Ramsey: I think his talent demands that because of his play making ability. No one has put a bug in my ear about that. This offense is based on the guys we have running down field and we are going to try and hit the open guy.

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