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Why The Browns Plan For Terrelle Pryor Matters For The Redskins

There are a handful of top shelf wide receivers expected to enter free agency, including Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson, but that pool might shrink.

DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon are among the top free agent wide receivers set to hit the market this offseason. Another one of the better options may not have that opportunity, a scenario that's great for Jackson and Garcon but perhaps not for teams looking to add help without breaking the bank.

In his first year as a true wide receiver, former quarterback Terrelle Pryor recorded 77 catches for 1,007 yards and four touchdowns for the Cleveland Browns. That's why it's easy to see that the Browns, a team lacking playmakers, doesn't want him to leave. That's why there's a sense that Cleveland plans on using the franchise tag so he can't.

It doesn't matter if the Redskins have any interest in Pryor. This is about how the free agent wide receiver pool shrinks if the Browns keep him.

Basic economics deems that if the supply goes down and demand stays the same, the price will go up. If that is the case, Garcon and Jackson could be priced out of Washington's range. For Garcon, that might mean a potential price of  $9 million per season as previously reported by Breaking Burgundy's Ben Standig might go higher.

Jackson already has potential suitors lined up according to reports. Both Jackson and Garcon are over 30 years old.

The other top candidates include Kenny Britt, a potential backup plan as reported by Breaking Burgundy and Chicago's Alshon Jeffrey. The Bears may also look to use the franchise tag. 

Pryor's free agency does not have an obvious effect on anything the Redskins do this spring, but could have secondary impacts on the team in the coming months.

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