Hog Monster Jon Jansen: Chat Transcript

Head Hog, Jon Jansen took time out of his schedule, the day before the NFL season kicks off the big game between the Redskins and the New York Jets, to chat with hardcore Redskins fans.

Jon Jansen: Thanks for having me today. I'm ready for your questions!

powerpro: Hi Jon, a lot hangs on Patricks shoulders this year, are you confident that the OL has improved significantly this year to keep him on his feet and help him get comfortable back there? And best of luck for the season. HTTR

Jon Jansen: Yes we're very confident in the time that we can give Patrick. We filled a lot of holes that we had from last year with very talented players.

kalu44: Hello, thanks for joining us today. My question is, how much different is it for the offensive line as a whole to run block for a guy like Candidate, then it is for a more straight-ahead style runner such as Stephen Davis?

Jon Jansen: There's not a whole lot of difference in that we run the same plays and we expect the back to do the same thing. The way each player reads a block is always a little different and that takes a little time to create the teamwork to produce the desired results. We're very comfortable with Trung's abilities. He adds a lot to the offense not only in the speed he brings but also the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield.

TomSkinsFan: Hey Jon. I sent you an email at your column address. I enjoy those columns by the way. The email was describing a big tailgating event called HogFest. Does that ring a bell? My question is I would like to give these guys who are coming to the event a chance to meet you, shake your hand and get a picture after the game. What do you say? It's the Giants game at FedEx in three weeks.

Jon Jansen: I can't make any promises after a game. The first thing I do is look for my wife and family and celebrate victories with them and anyone around at that time.

kilmer17: HI Jon. Did Spurrier and Jackson keep things close to their vest this preseason and can we expect more explosive calls now that the regular season is here.

Jon Jansen: You can expect a more dynamic offense, one that meshes the runs with the passes in order to help us develop a rhythm. Not only offensively but as a team. We didn't have enough time in the games to get a feel for our offense and the rhythm and the playcalling. Hopefully it'll all come together Thursday.

newhog: Thanks, Jon, for taking the time out of your preparations to chat with us. Besides ""speed,"" what is the most significant difference between the players on the team last year and those on the team (new and old) this year?

Jon Jansen: Talent and experience. We have guys who have proven themselves to be good players in the NFL and we've added guys that aren't necessarily two and three year guys or rookies. We've added them as vets who should be in the prime of their career. And one thing over the next couple years what will really show is that we have young guys locked up early in contracts and can develop a team unity over the next couple years which will help us win games.

WarpathWest: Thanks for coming Jon! As you made the predicition of a Superbowl berth, are you lighting a bigger fire under these guys as a leader of this team?

Jon Jansen: Definitely. This team has tremendous potential and a team I think can be very successful, not only this year but in the future. We want to start that future now.

RiggoRanger: Jon, how badly did you want to slap that punk Romanowski on draft day when he questioned your leadership? And has the offense gelled in the limited time you've had playing together? Thanks and good luck tomorrow night-I'll be there at Fed-Ex rooting for you!

Jon Jansen: Well, I really don't have much comment on that other than I'd like to show my leadership throughout the year being part of the team as opposed to breaking guys eyes and not being around....I believe the offense looked very good in the first half against Baltimore and I believe as a coaching staff and as an offensive unit we've put together a plan that will allow us to be as successful as we were against Baltimore. driverx77: Props to you Jon for working hard and sticking it to the opposing teams - do you have any favorite battles with an opposing defensive player to share with us? Are there any teams or players in particular you especially like to go against?

Jon Jansen: My favorite guy to play against is Michael Strahan. When I play against him everyone is watching that matchup. He's the best I've played against in the NFL. He's a student of the game, he has the speed and power which are a tremendous combination at defensive end. It's a lot of fun to be challenged and play against the best.

kirknc: Jon, how would you assess the DT's (Hosley, Haley, Chase, Dalton) we now have heading into the season? You have had about the best seat for assessing them lining up across from them. Have you seen anything special from anyof these guys that we should keep our eyes on?

09:53:53 Jon Jansen: Yeah, I see a group of guys that have ignored what's going on in the media and what's being said outside the football office and have come to work every day and done what's asked of them. They'll continue to do that good or bad no matter what happens.

DTC_21: Jon- Lets talk about the o-line, with you, Chris, Randy, Dave and Larry, can you guys make Trung Canidate a premier back, after all, you are a premier offensive line. Good luck tommorow night, and HAIL TO THE REDSKINS! 09:55:31 Jon Jansen: Our objective is to make the Redskins offense a premier offense. In doing so we need a back that we get a whole lot of yards on the ground. We need a QB who is standing up more than not and has time to lookdownfield. Our line can do all those things.

BigCountry48: Thanks for your time, Jon; we can't thank you enough. I just want to know if there's anything about Coach Spurrier that you just absolutely love? Does he say anything in particular that either sets the right mood or earns a kind of respect? Thanks -- and good luck tomorrow night.

Jon Jansen: The thing I like about him is that he treats us as professionals. He expects to win and he expects guys to do what they believe is the professional way to go about doing it. I don't like having a guy looking over my shoulder all the time and he doesn't do that.

midflat: question: My question is how far along is the offensive line at in terms of gelling and chemistry especially since with injuries to moore and thomas and will you deal with teams that blitz a lot like New England, Carolina during the regular seasons? thanks

Jon Jansen: We're right where we need to be at this time. Will we gell better and have better chemistry in week 15? Probably. But we're in the same spot everyone else is in the era of free agency. I feel as comfortable next to Randy as I have next to anybody, just even playing a whole preseason game next to him was a lot better than other guys I've played with. Last year on first and second down I had one guard and on third I had another.It's tough to work like that. ... I expect to see a lot of blitzes, a lot of stunts and dogs. Just a lot of movement on the defense until we prove we can pick itup or get rid of the ball and make them pay for it.

stevea: Yo, Jon! You may not be aware, but to many of us fans you are our favorite Redskin among a small group of highly respected Redskins. My Q: If we have a game where bad weather limits our passing, which RB will be best for power running?

Jon Jansen: When we talk about power running you have to give it to Ladell because his style is more straight forward. I would love to have a game in the rain because that's how football is supposed to be played.

Jon Jansen: Got time for two more questions.

driverx77: What do you get a kick out of more - sticking a lineman to help spring a big run or to set up a big bomb from Patrick to a WR? Game on the line in crunch time - do you ever call for a running situation so you and your OL mates can clear a lane to help seal a first down or drive in a TD?

Jon Jansen: Really I get a kick out of gaining a lot of yards on one play whether it's a run or a pass. IT doesn't matter to me as long as we can get downfield and score in a timely fashion, it's time to have fun that way. ...On the second one, definitely. When there needs to be one yard hard or we need a first down to win the game, I don't call the plays but I will make a suggestion and let them know they can make that behind me.

Stephan: Jon before the last question I just want to say thank you for coming back after yesterdays technical difficulties, it really makes a difference. One of the regulars just private messaged me telling me he was running out to buy a Jansen jersey.

cowboylilla: Hey Mr. Jansen, thanks so much for taking time to talk to us. I'd like to know how your deal with Comcast came about, and are you looking forward to being their special weekly reporter on Sportsnite? I know we all are.

Jon Jansen: The opportunity presented itself after I was on ESPN and it's something I enjoy doing, something I'm thankful for the opportunity to do. I hope the fans enjoy it as much as I do.

CounterTrey: Thanks so much for coming out John. Good Luck tomorrow night!

Stephan: Thanks again Jon hope to have you on again in the future, best of luck tomorrow night from all of us!!

Jon Jansen: I'd like to thank eveyone for signing on and we hope to see everyone out for a victory Thursday night.

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