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Washington Redskins: Kirk Cousins Wouldn't Mind Another Franchise Tag

Kirk Cousins discusses his contract situation on ESPN 980's "The Locker Room."

Kirk Cousins joined ESPN 980's The Locker Room this afternoon live from the Super Bowl location in Houston, Texas. The potential unrestricted free agent was of course asked about his contract status with the Washington Redskins and maintained the same tune he's expressed for two years now. Except, this time he can sit in front of the negotiation table with a new title -- Pro Bowler.

"It's unique to be a Quarterback that goes to the Pro Bowl and then is looking at free agency," Cousins said. "That just doesn't happen very often."

Cousins replaced Aaron Rodgers in this past weekend's NFL All-Star game, which is an arguable accomplishment. But either way, it will look good in front of his name. Cousins again explained that the ball is in the Redskins' court. "They're gonna make the decisions they want to make and then I'll react accordingly," he said.

This contract situation is pretty similar to last year. Especially considering that this past season ended on a sour note for Cousins. Questions may still exist in that building. However, the fifth-year QB is right, Washington holds the final say on whether he'd hit the open market or not. The franchise tag, which is around $24 million, would very much be in play.

"I want to be where I'm wanted," Cousins said. "But like last year, if they tag me, that tells you that you're wanted. They're not going to tag you and commit that to you if they don't want you. If they tag me, it's great. In the NFL, it ends up being so year to year anyway. It's 'what have you done for me lately.' So whether I sign a five year deal or a one year franchise tag, I'm going to feel like I'm on a one year deal and have to prove myself week in and week out. So if they tag me - great -- it looks like I'm wanted and want to be back. That's outstanding. If they don't, that's where you say, 'alright, that sends a strong message too -- lets go look at our options."

In the end, Cousins sounds like he'll be fine with whatever way this unfolds. But he did admit that he's looking forward to having a long-term deal. "That's when the leash comes off, he said." "I'm excited for that day to come."

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