In Their Own Words: Game Talk

Linebacker Jeremiah Trotter on what his four teammates are going through facing their old team: ''For me it was a nightmare because we got whooped on national TV against my old team. Your emotions are high and you're excited and the biggest thing is to stay calm. You say it's just like any other game but it's not."

"And I knew it wasn't going to be. I knew there would be extra preparation, extra everything. I know you should try to do the same each week, but it's not the same.

''I learned over the years that you have to stay calm. I spend a lot of energy trying to get guys going and hyped up. I had more than enough energy that night, but it wasn't enough.

''Oh, man it hurts bad, too. I had to say it like that and it would be different if that game had happened two, three or four years down the road. But not the first year, especially after everything I went through. The [ex-Jets] situation is different. My situation got a bit personal. Hopefully they'll get out there and give those guys a run.''

Dave Fiore on playing prime time games:

''Playing these games is different. You know guys are going to be watching and your friends will be watching. There's incentive and you want to do well.

''I don't even have to read the papers the next day because it's always my best friends who call me to tell me where I messed up. They're watching so you have to come out and play well or they'll ask, 'What happened on that play?'

''I'm sure all the [ex-Jets] want to paly well. I used to play for the Jets a long time ago. It's part of the business and you move on. But there's always incentive for me to play them because I knew my family could see the game.''

Jon Jansen on what it was like the first time he ran onto the field for a regular-season game:

''A lot of people want to know if you're nervous before the game. The thing you are is excited. You're excited to fulfill one of the goals you set a long time ago and you're just excited to play the game in front of so many people.

''It was easier for me coming from a big school playing in front of big crowds and in a lot of nationally televised games. None of that is new. It's a new situation and you have to step up your level of play. There's a lot of excitement.

''The locker room scene is a little different than it is in college. In college it would be completely silent. Everyone is concentrating on what they're doing. It's different in the pros because it's your job. You have to go out and do your job; everyone expects that. A lot of guys get it done different ways.

''I remember going through the tunnel, running onto the field. It's different than in college. In college you hit the banner and it's about school pride. Here, the fireworks throw you off a little bit, the booms and all that stuff. And the cheerleaders, the way they dress. It's a little bit different than in college. That's a whole lot to take in when you're coming out.

''But I never looked around on the field to soak in the atmosphere. Because this is what I expected myself to be doing. Had I been surprised by starting or making the team, then I might take it all in because I wouldn't know how long it would last. Those are the expectations I had for myself and those are the expectations a lot of people had for me.

''But it never gets old running onto the field. It's always exciting to hear your name announced and to hear the crowd cheer.''

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